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The Gospel in Africa is not quite the whole ticket

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I was in conversation about the tremendous build up we see according to Isaiah...behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the peoples, but UPON YOU!!!!!!!......
 And there our gospels take a fork. I describe my gospel.

 African brother
 The fact remains that evil will continue to increase but God forbid that we should take part. The bottom line of it all is, prepare to meet with Jesus. We are not here for the world to love us or care for us. As long as we are for Christ the world will hate us. Personally I don't expect the world to be born again, but if the true Children of God will remain faithful, God will be pleased. Lastly, persecution is part of this race, therefore any Christian who pray that persecution shouldn't come has not really started. Never run away because of evil men but run away from evil.

 The gospel in Africa is wrong.
 It was brought in by men who were still at I John 2 children stage, or 1 John 2 young man stage
 If you do your research and try to find some 1 John 2 Father stage people you will see the gospel is all about smashing the evil one's works to pieces. For this purpose was the Son of God manifest that He destroy all the works of the evil One.
 But the trick is this....
 as St Paul discovered some of  Jesus' tricks:
 we have to go into death that others may live. Very few Christians are still doing this which is why so much of the devil's work still remains.
 We have to fill out in our bodies what was not sufficient in Christ's own body. In other words Galations 2:20 tells us Christ intends to COMPLETE the JOB in our bodies because we ARE the BODY of CHRIST now on earth.
 This is the Ephesians mystery. The whole process of Ephesians creates these "super fighters for God" in Ephesians 6. This is the spiritual fight that overcomes the world....
 Romans 12.1 offering our bodies as living sacrifices.
 I personally do not know anyone on earth at the moment who resembles the grace of God on St Paul....but that is where we are going. If the former house began with the 12 apostles and St Paul. it says the glory of the latter house shall be even greater.
 As we do a quick trip around the Gates of Nehemiah we see the complete gospel spelled out.
 We begin at the sheep gate and evangelism no 1 and 2 , we take up our cross and experience the loss of all things for Christ ...the valley gate and Dung Gate.
 Totally cionvinced of our powerlessness God baptises us in the Spirit at the Fountain Gate, and we learn from then on to walk according to the Spirit by drawing His spiritual water every day in the Water Gate.
 Once we are fixed in this new identity by His Spirit and by some incredible experiences of pain and glory, we become resady for the Horse Gate, which is like our commission direct from God.
 There are other Gates but one of the last is the Prison Gate or Gate of the Guard. This is the trick that Jesus and Paul pulled off. By letting themselves be "caught" by authorities and taken into prison, (prisoners of the Lord) they sprung open loads of devils traps. Jesus sprung open salvation for all time, Paul sprung open parts of the Roman empire. It is said it is difficult to even number the amount of Christians in some of the cities the growth was absolutelely phenomenal.. Now in Africa in my lifetime we have seen servants of God, who are filled with the Spirit having tremendous impact in millions on Africa, but as I say, these guys do not have quite the same gospel as Jesus and St Paul. They are still fuzzy on Galations 2:20, and the true meaning of the Book of imagine what will happen in Africa when 1 John 2 Father stage people start going into action!!!! And this is why when we see the field white for harvest we are not allowed to rush straight into it. We have to "pray the Father that He send forth workers".
 In other words it's supernatural. The original Greek for "send forth workers" is much more explosive. It is like dynamite. It means to "thrust out workers". Men can't do this with organisational skills. This is a God produced thing and is the power behind revival!!!
 God alone, in the Holy Spirit, knows how to take ordinary men and put them through the automatic car wash that gets them from spiritual first graders (the children redemption stage) right through to people like St Paul, who were the father-level people in the first church!!!!

African brother
Please clear me on these. The Gospel in Africa you are talking about is it now or then that is wrong? Secondly do we have different gospels? How can I know the true gospel? Which denomination, tribe or religion will I follow in order to please God?
A few seconds ago
All denominations are very like the Pharisees and Sadducees in Jesus time. All their spiritual knowledge has been boxed into carnal understanding....(our conscious mind, our left brain, the surface bit of us we talk from). Like the Pharisees, it's not that all they say is wrong, it's just that not having the Holy Spirit they had simplified everything and missed whole chunks of God's truth out.
In the African churches there are many who are born again, very many indeed. There are some who have experienced the baptism in the Spirit experience.
This is like 1 John 2....the young man stage of growth.
Jesus describes the work of the Holy Spirit/the Comforter/the Counsellor He was going to send after He had returned to the Father.
See John Chapter 14.
At the moment there are no churches which teach Father level doctrines, but soon there will be churches like this.
The Father level doctrines are shown by the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth...IF WE WANT IT.

Norman Grubb has written a great last book before he died in the 1990s explaining the book of Romans very thoroughly. The book can be bought online. It is called "Yes I am".
Pastor Patrick Bwayo also understands many things. He lives in Kampala, Uganda.Otherwise just keep asking questions and I will try to answer them by God's help from the scriptures.

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Jerusalem's 10th GATE :The Inspection Gate

Facebook 15th April 2014
Mikkel Thomsen's post :"We just be what we spontaniously are, and by so we are a part of building others up to be free in who they are.... Christ in their forms. We just do and speak what we are and it is recieved by some and isn't by others all worked out by Grace through faith, and by so the Body builds itself up, ofcourse with Christ as the Head."

Chris Welch writes:
Norman Grubb lived in a very interesting transition period. After 2000 years of what Jesus described as a time when the Kingdom Field would be sown choc a block with rogue seed infestation, Norman saw in the then wonderful woman of God Jessie Penn Lewis, the key of the Christian Life. Now Jessie was actually wanting to get Norman to be baptised in the Spirit. He wasn't, but in the wisdom of God , in that moment began his articulation of what the whole Christian Life is about. So around the 1920s you have this amazing twin fork going on. Pentecostals and then charismatics went in one direction, and Keswick  and free evangelicals went in a slightly different fork, via Watchman Nee, and later Norman Grubb's discoveries of the Exchanged Life. Now for 2000 years we have got used and almost inured to division in the Body of Christ. Not having experienced anything different it is perfectly reasonable and "honorable" for friends in the church to upheel and stomp out on each other, and this is considered perfectly OK. It's similar to what has happened in society, where relationships becoming abusive and dangerous notwithstanding, now marriages breakdown at the drop of a hat, and this is also perceived as normal and acceptable in exactly the same way.

Jesus is ONE though.


 He actually neither knows nor recognises DIVISION.

He sees THROUGH every division with Eyes that see everything complete in the Father since before the beginning of Creation.

Mugginsville , Texas has let's say, 1st Baptist Church on 1st Avenue, The Lesser Climbing Unitarian Church opposite, Her Lady of the Golden Veil Catholic Church at the end of the block, The Navigators Coffee House is between the two, Mugginsville God TV Uplink is further down on the left...

So what is the solution? Well Mikkel Thomsen has described the "BUFFERS" view, what happens as a last failsafe at the end of the trainline, before things fall off the train station. But none of this is normal Christianity.
Normal Christianity is the Holy Spirit being allowed to construct both personally and also as local churches according to the 12 Gates of Jerusalem, which represents one complete, healthy unit. The Holy Spirit will not allow a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil  12 GATE checklist to be operated by our leftbrains. All attempts at this ofcourse have failed. This is because He operates only in the Tree of Life...and if all of us only built exactly according to the real life within us, we would find that all 12 Gates were functioning normally and we are operating as the spirit beings we are. So what's the answer? In the Spirit, the answer is Gate NO. 10. It is the inspection Gate. It is manned simultaneously by every single believer who is connected directly to the Head, but it also includes the firmest encouragement from elders...those who get recognised for connecting everybody to the Head direct. THIS IS THE FAILSAFE that has not been operational since the very first church, and is the reason why every single church Move or Revival gets so far, only half builds the Tower Jesus talked about, then collapses because it HASN'T BOTHERED TO CALCULATE FROM THE BEGINNING WHETHER IT HAS ALL THAT IS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE TASK!!!!!!
What is that ingredient?
Holy Spirit powered dealings
Holy Spirit powered willingness
"Yes I come to do thy will....a BODY you have prepared for me."
"Which Body?"
The New Man.
The One prophesied.
The Body of Christ rising up in every nation in every tribe in every tongue.

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Our (complete) story so far - Elaine Waterfield, mission work Chris regards as worthy of as much support as possible.

9 April 2014 at 22:29

Casualties of Malaria

Over the past two years we have used money from our own
pockets, FB friends and also from Chief Constable Matt Baggott’s charity which
shall end once he has retired from the Police Force later this year. This money
has helped us achieve so many things, the provision of Sanitary towels for
girls in both primary and secondary schools in Suba west, and on one occasion
we provided 998 girls with Always Pads with the help of football club Gor Kogano
NGO dealing with Girls Child Education. We have also documented all the
challenges girls face e.g. lack of school fees, school books, pocket money and
even mendazies that leads them to prostitute themselves for very little money
which then finds the girl pregnant, having HIV/AIDS, often leading to abortion
, early marriages leading to Girl’s child school dropout. To highlight their
challenges we have walked part way up Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and had several
football tournaments for girls raising their profile as being just as much entitled
to education as boys.

The outcome from just empowerment of girls in school and
fundraising for school fees is that in Kihoru Primary school in 2013 there were
more girls in class 8 then boys, where normally it’s the other way round and we
fund raised for a girl to go to University. Another programme within girl’s
child was to sponsor a school girl whose baby had club feet. We supported
Mother and child for over four months taking the baby every week to firstly
Migori Hospital and later Kisi a four hour round trip to straighten the Childs
feet with positive results thanks to an American sponsor. More recently when a
16 year old class 8 primary school girl aborted a five month foetus the child
lived and we saved the life of Jeremiah and empowered the mother and the whole
family by taking the mum and child to hospital paying for the hospital bill C/O
another FB friend and also of the young girl’s mother who previously ground a
bottle of glass and drank it to try and take her life due to so many problems
including having a husband whose an alcoholic. We preached the Gospel to the
Father and the mother of the school girl and they come to Makongeni Church now
every week.

Due to the challenges of so many pregnancies and school drop
outs , we have been taking round Primary and secondary schools school the
Education box donated by SPUC ( Society
Protecting The Unborn Child ) showing various stages of the development of the
unborn foetus to show that life begins at conception not birth and to explain
that the pregnancy is God given life in his image and you aren’t aborting a
nothing but life. This has really impacted both boys and girls in the schools
as they talked about how the girls use OMO detergent, Blue washing powder,
concentrated tea leaves and Orange cordial to abort the baby or the use traditional
herbs and witchcraft. The parents are normally very harsh with the daughters
and so they create fear and the young girls are also fearful that they will be
chased from school whilst the father of the baby doesn’t want the
responsibility and often sells a chicken to pay for the back street methods to
abort the child. We have even taken the box to Migori prison and taught both
female and male prisoners about the effects of bad parenting and abortion.

During the last year we have preached to many changa
drinkers whose lives have been destroyed by the illicit alcohol and led them to the Lord and then empowered then
by buying seeds for the farm and clothes as
well supporting them as have the church of Makongeni. Such transformation
has seen a big drop in crime in Chungni village and the surrounding areas of
Malera, Kihoru, Marabiko Kokendie.............

We have a Braille Library thanks to Torch for the Blind and
there’s also large print and Cassettes...that have stayed in our office which
we have said are to be lent out to those who are visually impaired in the community.
We have also given a number of the literature away to various disabled groups and the Minister of
Education Social Services and Gender....

Our church Makongeni started under a tree and then moved to
a small mud hut but when I arrived God told me to build a church and when we
put the posts in we were exactly 100 by 50 and people didn’t believe me but I
knew God would do it so me and Georges Mum Margaret and Cyprian Georges brother
knocked the church down the mud hut and so they had to move from Egypt and now
to Canaan. In two years we have built the brick work and now we are having the
roof, we have trees thanks to a another FB friend and all we have to do is cut
them and get 200 iron sheets for the roof and then windows and doors....we have
been to the mountain so many times to pray and seek the face of God and he has
always answered in more ways than you can ever imagine..
Elaine Waterfield

The first year here in Chungni we built a clinic and a
labour ward thanks to so many people from FB and Dr Skehan from Leicester Groby
Road Hospital.. And a Face book friend paid for a job lot of medicine it really
helped our community. Before we had the clinic so and many people died of malaria
and typhoid and child related diseases because they couldn’t go to hospital because
of lack of money they had no money to travel 25km. Our clinic has prevented so
many children dying and also adults. When I first arrived a young man was
stabbed in the leg by a bull horn as he looked after them we only had cello tape
to stick the cotton wool pad to the leg but FB friends enabled people to have
proper treatment... later on after prayer we had a labour couch bought us by a
sponsor and a drip stand and a screen so God answered our prayers we had been
praying for over a year.

After the first six months whilst I was away a very close friend
of mine David Ochieng died of HIV Aids and left four children he was a cousin of
George and so for the past few years they have been supported by FB friends as
the two eldest children are very bright and are both first and second in their

We have helped so many children with schools fees and once
we supported a man with a coffin for his daughter as he had no money to buy one.
Recently Justice a drunkard aged 36 who came to Lord was fed up working in the
gold mine and so we sponsored him to go back to secondary school and he is
doing very well.

One of my favourite Ministries is prison and we have been
going to Migori Prison for two years more or less just a couple of times of
year as it costs £70 by the time you pay for the transport, food as for Africans
its a must, things for the prisoners like soap and snacks plus sanitary towels etc and petrol, but of
late I have become friends with the Chaplin Pastor Peter Ayuka and he is a very
special man as he and his wife look after the women prisoners children why they
are serving their sentence and lets churches visit prisoners on a Sunday, When
we have money we take ex Changa men to give their testimonies to not only empower the prisoners but these new Christian
like Challis who served many years in Migori prison as he was a murderer and lived
like an animal I found him, caned on the road and we took him to a cafe led him
to the Lord gave him clothes and then seeds, he is now a member or Makongeni
Church and a father, husband and a great farmer. Over the past few months
thanks to my host George who has been free to let me visit the prison whilst Pastor Peter the prison chaplain and missionary
has encouraged me to visit the women prisoners
and teach them. On women’s day myself and ex chang’a brewer who served time in Kisi
prison helped the women to plant trees in the Migori prison ground to remember
aborted babies, still birth and miscarried foetus its was a wonderful time and
then we preached and sang afterwards to empower the women who are normally victims
of poverty who have no alternative than brew changa and sell drugs. Thanks to
FB friends we have bought trees and now they are building a baptismal pool for
the first baptism in the prison with 57 men and women on April 20th.
On the 18th I will be going with Evelyn and George to wash the feet
of the women prisoners. Other times we have taken Rev Michael Cameron from UK /
Nigeria and he spoke about the prodigal son and hugged
many of the men. I had the privilege of being able to see an English man in the
prison awaiting trial really wonderful opportunities..I am hoping to get a
Prison permit so I can visit other prisons in Kenya...

We have been to many burials as a church and preached the
Gospel and so many are young people last year at least four young men committed
suicide in school fee related incidents, last week two young children from our
church died of malaria which was very painful for me and as a church one being
named after me Elaine Waterfield aged 2 and the pastors daughter.

The most
disturbing was when baby Paul died he was born with HV/AIDS and was so malnourished
FB sent me money to give him milk and clothes, thankfully his dad once a change
drinker but now born again managed to get an NGO to help with special food for
the baby. The last time i saw him he looked like a normal baby but he was dead
the disease totally destroyed him. His Mum Maureen only 21 died of the disease
and so John and Agnes had such a terrible year their son zone aged 6 burned his
face severely on a fire, Maureen and baby Paul died and the father had to sell
his land to pay for another child’s hospital bill due to malaria but John
experienced the grace and love of God in provision.

Our other projects are finishing the well for fresh water, a
school for the blind and a rehab, and we really need a vehicle as we have out
grown our motor bike.

Where we have reached as an Organisation is that unless we
receive sponsorship from a Donor or from a charity or a Church we cannot
progress with the vision that God has given us. We have struggled with a few
pounds and a couple of hundred but to make any real progress we need a few
thousand pounds to
Revamp the ex alcoholics group so that they can
be disciple and also provided with a small amount of money to start their own business.
Kennedy once called Neto when he used to be a fisherman down the lake, has been
dry for nearly a year and is now the building director and he has just started
to work as a barber for someone else but if he had £50 he could start his own
business and do well... each member who used to be once an ex alcoholic needs
money to start a small business and encouraged and helped as they went along.
We did help Challis at first but money dried up and so we had to stop helping him
and of late he has stopped coming to church.

We want to have a seminar at the local school
for parents and students, Minister of Education, local Chief, Prison Chaplain
and minister of health and social services to discuss and address the problems
of early pregnancy and abortion, empowering parents, offering counselling and
having a procedure with various integrated services as to what happens when a
girl is pregnant and the way forward for their continued education. Not
forgetting the consequences of parents encouraging abortion and the murder of a
foetus. We need a group like SPUC (Society Protecting the unborn Child) to
provide us as a Charitable Organisation, with money for the seminar as what we
do comes from our own pocket limiting what’s really needed.

3.We need donors to fund the
building a school for the blind and trainings along with an orphanage So many
children here are disabled and their parents hide them away thinking they are a
curse. The nearest blind school is a four hour bus ride away near Kisumu by
Lake Victoria. We need this school and training to enable the children to learn
how to read and write Braille and therefore the wonderful Braille literature will
then be used rather than gather dust. We also need to train teachers and
volunteers how to read and write with Braille.

4. We are looking to build a
rehab for we have a really high number of substance users who need to stop
drinking dealing with their addictions using HTB 12 step programme, transformed
meetings and Biblical teaching prayer and praise. Then they need to be trained
in carpentry, tailoring, agriculture and stone masonry and work for their rehabilitation
there isn’t a rehab with in Suna location

5. We need donors to provide
school fees for the most vulnerable school girls with school fees and sanitary towels
the sustainability is impossible with just a few pounds

6. We are looking to continue
with prison ministry and the Chaplain is looking for funding to provide school
fees for the children he looks after belonging to the women prisoners plus food
and clothes, and Peters heart is very much for a chapel for the prisoners as
they only have provision of the sleeping rooms to hold services at the minute..The
women also need a DVD and television to play Christian DVDs and music.

7. We desperately need a Vehicle
we have out grown the pikki pikki motor bike and it will be so useful where we
live in the rural.

8. The church needs to be
finished and we need Bibles in the Luo and Swahili, instruments and chairs, a lectern
and so many things you need in a church.

9.We need more medicine as we have
little stock left and lots of things that we haven’t remembered

But without
donors and money we are simply at a standstill because we have done all the
research and written reports and visited schools, various groups, but now we
need to empower the people and provide the sanitary towels, the school fees,
the small loans for businesses and items to take to the prison like detol soap
and mats for 400 prisoners to sit on, we need money for the transport and the building
and the trainings. At the moment we are struggling to keep going and work has
to stop because we are just giving empty promises we gave over two years ago.. People
are dying of HIV/AIDS and through ignorance; people are starving and are not
being educated....we also need to feed ourselves and put clothes on out back but

We have a heart for the people..and what we do
comes from a vision God gave George ten years ago and me two and a half years
ago he also told us to be two disciples to feed his sheep and he called me to
love people not to like them look over what you see in the natural and see with
Jesus eyes in the spiritual... what we do is for the kingdom and taking up our
cross was never going to easy its about endurance and obedience to the King of
kings alive and not dead.


God bless
Elaine and George and all at REDIM thank you and appreciate all your support
thus far.......

Get on Facebook and access Elaine's profile to to talk with her and discuss ways of donating or publicising: