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Child trafficking       Robin Williams and the Catholic Church   Occult killing Uganda. Vampiric killing and Child trafficking and sacrifice  by  the Pope, Justin Welby    Royalty ,Cameron, the Pope, Welby ,Ratzinger all accused of child trafficking   Prince Philip's role   The Vulnerability of Jersey's inhabitants            Saville and the 9th Circle    18m          Balmoral Castle, the Queen,Prince Philip and Knights Templar rituals.  Spear of Odin. Occult powers when connected to a soldier.   43m58s   to 45m20s  Catholic ritual slaughter

References to the Queen and other royalty are also made by Cathy O Brien on her Youtubes to do with MK Ultra mindcontrol    Johann Helgason contacted me on Facebook when he was in Darmstadt. He comes from Icelandic witchcraft Bloodlines who sold him as a sex slave to a 70 year old woman. WHY? In their religion this is a way of receiving youthful vigour. He escaped. I told him about the Sisters of Mary Darmstadt, thinking they would be a refuge. Meanwhile they have learned some wisdom over the years and nolonger open their doors quite so freely to waifs and strays. Johann got some help by recommendation from a charismatic street pastor. He then went to Canada. He found a journalist who was going to publish his life experiences. But all the time Johann knew his family wanted to kill him. On 20th September Johann suddenly announced he was getting engaged. He made a couple of posts more linking to relevant Satanic abuse information. His last personal post was 2 October 2011.
Ominously his Timeline photo was changed on the 23rd November 2011 to this picture
which if someone could understand it might share a key

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Index of Our History

hat  some strange things are going on I don't think can be disputed. So far the majority of the population are not perturbed enough to look very close and see some of the things going on in the cracks..........
I am a piano tuner with some very well paid, well connected clients. I have been a Christian since 1972 and was blessed to begin my born again experience in Amersham Baptist Church, a Spirit-filled church with Pastor Eric Chambers, a Yorkshire man who had emigrated to New Zealand where he in turn had got converted. New Zealand has been quite a testbed for global New World Order plans, and he used to mention some of these things. So before we even get to the book below here are things I have been told, have observed, or have  experienced at no more than twice remove from me.
  • The Protocols of the elders of Zion as "24 debunked documents" seem now to be a double bluff. Read them and you will see how accurate they are. Assumed now to be written by Lionel de Rothschild
  • David Kelly...the WMD in Iraq situation had near neighbours related to piano clients who are firmly of the opinion that such a man was far too stable to ever commit suicide even under immense national pressures.Related article.   And another one
  • A friend of a friend stated he walked out of Glaxo Smith Klein the morning he asked what a large batch of relatively inexpensive phials on the otherside of the room were. "Oh them, they are  the cures for all the different types of cancer."
  • Someone found out that his relation hadn't been quite honest about masonic involvement. He was in fact 33rd level which he had lied about. His relation had a congratulatory letter signed by the Queen. This is the same lady who states in public that she does not like Philip being involved in such things.At this level things are know you are in the service of the three headed god....Jahbulon, the masonic god.Yahweh/Baal/Onysiris
  • An indirect Facebook friend was raped in a children's home at 14 resulting in him completely losing his way into crime, then prison, then finding Christ. But confronting his rapist was too much, especially when the judge did not convict. He attacked the rapist and was ofcourse jailed again for a while. He was the one with the "form".....not the squeaky clean perpetrator.These are connections that are connected with all the highlevel child abuse that at the moment is still barely coming to the surface in Jimmy Saville....but spreads upwards into the highest places in the land.
  • I cannot prove masonic involvement in the crushing of our school revival....but the Headmaster was subsequently given a KBE (Knight of the British Empire) and yet nearly went to prison himself over history of covering incidents of  underage sex in his school with homosexual staff.
  • I have no comments on holocaust deniers. As a tuner I have many Jews on my client list and many have lost relations. But two things are clear. There are two sets of Jews and the statistics don't seem accurate. The person who did my CD Cover painting waltzed out of Berlin as if nothing had happened after the War, and his son went straight to Head anchor man on one of the American News Channels.Secondly Solzhenitsyn describes the two types of Jew in his last book, banned in English, and from Moscow records, notes that it is impossible that 6 million Jews were exterminated.
  • In the book of Daniel Michael spent 21 days getting his message of the end times through to him. Daniel was described as being sick for days. If this is your first brush with these things.....first you will feel incredulity, which as other sources further prove these things true from different angles and personnages, you will start to feel the same. The enormity of the evil. The fact that they represent all the institutions which you never had cause to doubt. They turn out to be the very feet of iron mixed with clay for that "human" feel. Remember Adam was scooped up from the clay of the ground. The iron represent that soulless cruel cold will of the devil who stops at nothing to pull off his purposes in the earth. And the very lineages that the Israelites were commanded to exterminate, are the very lineages that are at the top of the Elite families today. God who knows the end from the beginning wanted to save us all this bloodshed, and fierce and terrible trouble.

Introductory Explanations 9
 1. Consensus Trance                                                                          13
Myths as a Base of Power                                                                    18
Gagarin Was Never in Space                                                               26
2. The Dark History of the Knights Templar                                    33
The Origin of the Knights Templar                                                     38
The Vast Influence of the Knights Templar                                        39
Philip IV Strikes Back                                                                         41
The Curse of the Grand Master                                                          49
 The Discovery at Rennes-le-Chateau                                                 51
3. The Rise of Freemasonry                                                             55
The Infiltration Begins                                                                       63
Secret Societies Take Over the Craftsmen's Guilds                          68
Development of the Masonic System                                                78
The Highest Degrees                                                                         88
Other Masonic Rites                                                                          91
The Symbols                                                                                     99
Masonic Magic                                                                                118
Masonic Ideology                                                                            134
4. The Powerful Financial Sphere                                                139
Interest as a Weapon                                                                       142
Economic Slavery                                                                           157
5. The Global Power of Freemasonry                                         163
Freemasonry and Politics                                                                164
The Illuminati                                                                                  169
We Are Ruled by the Freemasons                                                   180
The United States - the Masonic Executive Base                           188
Harry Shippe Truman                                                                      202
The Case of Kissinger                                                                     211
Sinister Plans                                                                                   215
The Expansion of Freemasonry                                                      220
P2 - the Most Infamous Masonic Sect                                            224
Club 45 or "the Red Lodge of Vienna"                                           242
Masonic Influence in Sweden                                                         245
The Carbonari                                                                                 249
Resistance against Freemasonry                                                     253
3 The Masonic World                                                                     269
6. The Red and Bloody Nature of Freemasonry                        280
The Historical Background of the Grand Orient                            281
The Justice of the Freemasons                                                       289
Masonic Corruption                                                                       297
 The Destruction of  Russia                                                           300
 Blood-Red Support of the Communists                                       314
 The Masonic Contribution to Soviet Russia                                327
Stalin's Struggle against Freemasonry                                          330
The Secret Masonic Archives                                                       331
The Hidden Influence                                                                   337
7. How the Freemasons Helped Hitler to Power                     356
 Hitler's Meetings with His Financial Backers                            366
Advertising for Hitler                                                                  368
Attempts to Investigate Hitler's Secret Income                           371
Hitler's Goal                                                                                372
Secret Manipulations                                                                  378
The American Contribution                                                       394
Close Collaboration between Nazis and Zionists                      398
 Who was Hitler?                                                                       409
The Magic of the National Socialists                                         415
 Nazism and Freemasonry                                                         434
 Nazi Plans for a European Confederacy                                   438
 Sinister Plans behind the Scenes                                              443
Aid Continued during the War                                                 448
 Holocaust Hysteria                                                                 453
 8. The Crimes of the Masonic Elite                                    472
Unlimited Evil                                                                         472
The Double-Dealing of the United States                               477
 Conflicts in the Balkans                                                         503
Resistance against the New World Order                               515
 9. Hidden Knowledge                                                           523
Undesired Inventions                                                              524
Vaccination Injuries                                                                528
Dangerous Substances                                                             533
 Damaging Phenomena                                                           542
The Importance of Energies                                                    544
More Effective Weaponry                                                      546
 Essential Conclusions                                                            550
 Index                                                                                      565

There is a PDF download here

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Kisa Emmanuel Amos - Zion Children's Haven, Iganga, Uganda

Kisa has taken a new film especially to assure us jaded westerners that he is the genuine deal indeed and not one of the many African scammers posing as pastors and directors of orphanages.

Two or three years ago Tara was in Uganda and she kept a blog while she worked  alongside Kisa. If you would like to give to the work and ministry of Kisa Emmanuel Amos here are the instructions

Amanda Cook reports on earlier this month here on Facebook

UPDATE ON KISA & HIS ORPHANS: There have been few times in my life that my husband and I have felt as much joy as we do this morning...or late last night (morning in Uganda) when I received the message of victory from Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos. Today was the day that the government of Iganga, Uganda would have come to close the orphanage, take the children, and put them with the state (not a nice place) due to the orphanage's recent eviction from the building they were all housed at. Pastor Kisa was $100 short of the $450 needed to cover the overdue rent, due to being temporarily disabled after being viciously beaten and arrested a few months ago by local Muslim police officers for nothing more than preaching the gospel.
The message I received from Pastor Kisa, I am delighted to report, said this: "Someone has sent the remaining money. He says that the Lord has appeared to him in a dream and told him that he should help the children in Uganda. So when he logged on Facebook, he saw the note you wrote on my timeline. So he just asked me how much is left, and he sent it now. I had called the man to bargain on the cow, God said not yet, the babies need the milk! God is good."

How to help.
If the Lord has put it on your heart, please help Kisa now by donating to his orphanage via tis link: After visiting the hyperlink to WesternUnion in the last sentence, you will be brought to WesternUnion's 'SendMoney' page. The steps for completing a donation are provided below.

(1) Select 'Uganda' in the dropdown menu and enter the dollar amount that you would like to send.

(2) Enter your zip code.

(3) Select 'Cash at agent location'

(4) Select 'Credit/debit card'


--- If you've used Western Union online before: Log into Western Union with your WesternUnion username/password.

--- If you've never used Western Union online: Click the 'Signup & Continue' button and register to the site. (NOTE: The account security questions and answers that you set up here are not the ones that Kisa needs for to receive the money. There is a separate security question/answer tat you create specifically for the transaction with Kisa.)

Now that you are logged in...

- In the 'Receiver's first name' field, type "KISA EMMANUEL"...without the quotes
- In the 'Receiver's last name' field, type "AMOS"...without the quotes
- In the 'Receiver's email' field, type "BISHOPKISA@GMAIL.COM"

Now choose and type in a security question and answer in the corresponding fields, which you'll later provide to me.

CLICK Continue

Choose or add a payment method. You are the only one who will see this or any of your other account information.

CLICK Continue

Review the transaction details and click both checkboxes at the bottom.

CLICK Agree Continue


Country: Uganda
PostCode: 256
Address: Believers' World Church
Bulowoza Road (CMS)
Bukoyo, Iganga

Where in Uganda is Iganga?
For this and other details see the previous report.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Positive and the Negative

Annalize Mouton - Photo Comment on Facebook - 15/5/2015

I saw the Lord. And I saw Him again this morning, as well as you, my own family and friends here on facebook… I KNOW that His GRACE is more HYPER than what we had ever known or can even start to fathom! We are all glorious! Yes, glorious, just like Him… fully saved, whole, healed, provided for… nothing lacking… And He did it all… From start to finish, He only! He truly has done it all! Before the foundations of the earth… He is the Lamb slain… more than 2000 years ago He visibly confirmed it… and is keeping on confirming it… And we were in Him all the way… We in Him, He in us and all in the Father and the Father in us… He is and forever has been a CORPORATE MAN…ONE BREAD… this is a great mystery… one He is anxious to open up to anyone who seeks and asks… Yes, we enter into Him and His LIFE fully through much tribulation, trials and suffering as we partake of His suffering… He was scourged, whipped, pierced… head and body… we are His body. Death could not hold Him, it never could, as He is ETERNAL LIFE… death cannot hold us… By laying down His very own life He made a spectacle out of sin, sickness, death, devil and demons… showed His victory, and their nothingness… He arose victorious… we arose… He ascended to His Father… we ascended to our Father… He was glorified… we WERE glorified with Him… He sat down at the right hand of the Father… we were seated with and in Him… Through His victory everything that is His became ours, too… We have the mind of Christ… put it on! Wear it, think from it, live from it, speak from it… be established in His victory… His RIGHTEOUSNESS… Speak grace to your mountains… GRACE GRACE GRACE…GREAT GRACE… Keep standing… no matter what gets thrown at you… let the mountains shake, crumble and fall… let His billows flow over you… be not afraid… Keep your eyes on Him… and KNOW… you already have the victory… Our only fight… to keep proclaiming His victory… to keep on eating and drinking HIM! Put on your garments of praise, shout to the Lord, make merry in your hearts, sing a new song…Let the high praises of our God be in our throats and two-edged swords in our hands… Rejoice in the dance… like David did… we are walking with/in Him in His triumphal procession!! With Paul (Colossians 2) I want you to know how hard I am contending for you… and for all who have not met me personally. My goal is that you may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that you may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that you may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments. …just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and IN CHRIST YOU HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO FULLNESS. HE IS THE HEAD OVER EVERY POWER AND AUTHORITY. In him you were also circumcised with a circumcision not performed by human hands. Your whole self ruled by the flesh WAS PUT OFF when you were circumcised by Christ, HAVING BEEN BURIED with him in baptism, in which you WERE ALSO RAISED with him THROUGH YOUR FAITH IN THE WORKING OF GOD, who raised him from the dead. When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God MADE YOU ALIVE WITH CHRIST. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.

May His great GRACE today flood our souls, may every valley be filled up and every mountain be levelled by His provision, health, wisdom, love, forgiveness, goodness, righteousness… may the whole world know and see through our lives that HE LIVES and is GOOD… may we flood this earth with our praises of and to Him… may the earth be filled with the knowledge of Christ Jesus our Lord, and our Everlasting Father, through us, His SONS and DAUGHTERS! Anna Kolbe Obery Doug Alexander Marsha Newton-Zornes Susan Ryan Anel Prins Charlotte Rose-Torango Karin Maxim Nel Tunji Ayoade John Gibson John Castleman John Beattie West John Wakefield Jack Cavanaugh Ginger Marshall Jackie Ekstrom Myers Stacie Schulz Laurie Hilgers Valerie O'Donovan Bren Ward Frances N. MyGene Ashcroft Sally Laporte Osborn Souza Chris Welch Gerard Obery James Cunningham Shirley Unger Cunningham Éilís Liberty Diona DeHaven Mower Joan Reilly Joan Bergin Lorenz Sonicson Lisanga Joseph Samuel King Corazon de Angel Brenda Cassell Taliaferro Cathy Rheeder Lisbeth Thorstensen Brendon Wayne Robertson Ravi Kapoor Sue Farndale Vern Goss Clay Sikes Tammy Blythe Kim Flink Johannes Basson Annelize Basson Annelize Zeelie Andrea Harper Mia Den Hertog Andre En Annelize Nicole Allen Herine Fourie Amanda Erasmus Rupert Erasmus Sharon Osborne Jenny Hayes on and on the list goes… oh, there are soooo many I cannot possibly tag you all, but you are free to tag yourself, because you were there…! May the glory of our Lord today overtake you like a golden tsunami!!!! I love you all so very much!!!!! And yes, I know when we may look at ourselves, our loved ones, we do not yet see how glorious we all already are, but you just wait, keep on standing and snuggle even deeper into Him… He shall take the veil away soon, very soon… and His glory will be see in and through and upon us… and you have already overcome every obstacle in HIM!!!!!! Gideon Joubert Valerie Steenkamp all the Kathy's, Carlene H. Appleby Debra Crowley Stan Tyra Michelle Perry — with Zahara Chaya Yisraela, Beverly Heine, Anna Bellamama, Robert Jefferies, Juanita Bath, Sheryl Cordova, Jamie Fields, Kim Edwards, Carl Rhyne, Valery Zeliak, Bev Biggs, Janey Beloved Charis, Joy Charmaine Bartlett and Arta Essex.

Chris:Can I explain negativity because it is obviously confusing Andre Rabe and Francois Dutoit . In Romans 3 to 5 and ephesians 1 and 2 God gives you your very own surfboard. Only its a lot more real than a board in a universe filled with huge gaps between atoms. A surfboard is useless without waves. In
Matthew 5 Jesus doesnt lie He states from the outset this thing is about waves and riding them. Secondly the waves themselves reveal how Darkness works which in its inverse shows how the Kingdom works. The reason we almost appear to champion the negativity is not so we can bow out and give up like Americans waiting at a bustop for Jesus....nor is it to deny the full extent of evil as does we are absolutely crazy......we come the waves.....and we are going to teach the Church thirdlevel surfing .

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Mystery of why the Gospel Cannot be preached in England

It took me 43 years as a Christian to crack the UK Code and I'd like to say I did it by myself. But I did hardly anything....everybody else did....and the Holy Spirit kind of joined it all up. So which bit am I claiming? The typing.!!!
The reason the gospel has no effect here is that it is being spoken in Box 1 Format. Really from 1700s onwards the Templars and the Freemasons have been shifting England into a godless BOX2. And in the 1960s they set off loads of "magical" alarms which went off simultaneously and effectively killed off the old Box 1 world.
Many American churches still preach in Box 1 and a simple form of Box 2 which is what we tried to do when we were baptised in the Spirit. But Preaching sideways KINGDOM BOX 2 TO NONCHRISTIAN BOX 2 has no effect, people stick to their independent selves....unless they are really desperate.
Jesus was a BOX 3 LIVER and PREACHER and has been revealing what that is.
Most of the Current World then is based in BOX 2. The God Delusion is written to bolster this version of Box 2 and to laugh and humiliate Christians still in Box 1.
BBC is directed at supporting and maintaining this belief system and does so by allowing only BOX 1 Christianity or heavily monitored BOX 2 Christianity in its religious culture slots. (Do not allow the Box numbers to confuse you...but Different Drum by M Scott Peck and Post Evangelical by David Tomlinson explain the shift.)
In those books we begin as egocentric beings and learn law and socialisation (my Box 1) then we want to become persons in our own right and develop within an inner sense of right and wrong in Box 2, which may or may not comply with the previous forms in BOX 1. Might stop going to church, but less likely to start robbing banks.

The stages we pass through are the ones relate more to the ways christians develop, so I have ignored their first box, and I am concerned with their last three)
Back to my box numbering.
Each one is like stepping out of a previous cave into a brand new world.
Box 2, which is learning how we work as individuals, and coming fully into our own identities can be done as nonChristians or christians. Peck says some leave Box 1 Linear thinking and Good/Bad binary living and become nonChristians. Others do it as Christians. It's the journey to become more balance brained. Those unwilling to make the journey tend to view the others as libertines. Norman Grubb talks about it in Christian settings as learning the Freefall of faith. Trusting the Inner umpire of faith, of the Holy Spirit. In charismatic meetings this is learning "flow" in the Holy Spirit. Eventually this sensitivity has to be exportedfrom out of meetings into the whole of life.

 When a "flowcentric" Jamaican comes to an "appointment-centric" Britain, where you have to phone first before going to somebody's house, it is a shock.

Freemasonry has had to adjust our whole culture as Holy Spirit Christians and black christians have invaded our cold stiff upper lip behaviours. Beforehand there was no group hug. People were not demonstrative in the workplace. Footballers and men in general did not cry. Bosses were bosses and minions were minions. Peculiarly one of the main experimental seedbeds of the freemasons through the Marshall Plan has been the far east, where the manager works much more on the shopfloor.
But all this HAD to start happening after churches were baptised in the Spirit and nolonger was there this huge difference between leaders and laypeople.
The HUGE AREA before us now is "WHAT IS HUMAN IDENTITY"?
Is the New AGE/ witchcraft/ New World Order belief correct that we can be initiated fully to become gods in our own right by passing through levels of oaths and secret knowledge which associates with our 33 chakras?
Or is the Christian 3rd level notion correct that believes Romans 6 and our new Creation identity right through to manifestation as our sole new identity. Is it correct that our former spirit identity manifesting through soul and body was Satan fused to us and now this is exposed as we "try to live differently" and fail over and over...only to get us checking the powerleads at the back of our humanity. "Yes I am "by Norman Grubb".
How we have been framed and sold down the river in our modern world is told clearly in this book by Juri Lina "Architects of Deception",.
Only thirdlevel authority is going to break through the secondlevel glazed stares of UK people who are now totally inured to Box 1 Preaching of the gospel, for whom it is now irrelevant and perhaps rightly so. God never set up the whole of creation to bring forth billions of Box 1 fundamentalist robots. He died and was raised to bring forth a mature MAN comprised of all those who have now trained their senses to discern between "living Satan as me" and now living "Christ as me"....but never me as an independent being front of house....that is selfpowered....choosind from a Tree of Knowledge on Black and White freemasonry squares. Such and such is good. Such and such is evil.

Shouting at somebody may just be good. Jesus to Peter: "Get behind me Satan."
We are now fully living people, not people "trying to live" but failing miserably.
Nor are we like our box 2 world and just letting it all hang out....and I mean all hang out.
It's now about the effortless spontaneity of God in our forms living our lives. Galatians 2:20

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What are new wineskins?

We have never really been able to articulate but it is something like this, and I will use Havant Church and myself just to be specific.
Havant has a "young" pastor that actually isn't that young, but he was converted when the church formed under Peter Stott around 1980. Basically a whole group moved across to Havant church or Portsdown Community church from Leigh Park Baptist church. If you had to scrutinise what the "differences" were from the Baptist Church they would revolve around the open preaching of baptism in the Spirit, and learning to freely follow the Holy Spirit in meetings. Emsworth was much the same. Much spiritual input has come into Havant and over the years many have grown a lot. Peter felt to set apart a man called John Wilbraham and certainly as regards virtually all other churches on earth, John would be considered a good faithful pastor. Until Steve McVey, Darin Hufford, or Paul Anderson-Walsh enter.
Basically all John was doing 4 years ago or so, was reading out injunctions from the New Testament in the manner of a Law Book and calling that preaching.
I addressed him strongly on it....(in the sort of way Paul addressed St Peter) and told him we are not called to run behaviour modification classes, we are called to preach the gospel. A leader's meeting was called.....always way out of the way of the flock, and at a time when I was still having to move my work bookings around to make way for these people supported by the tithe and there all of them agreed I should not say another word in a public meeting. I hung around for several months for the sake of personal discipline, then felt clearly that even prophecies were not being heard and left to minister more on Facebook and blogs.
Now this , as you can see on my blog is among the best churches available today in the UK, but still rooted in Law and Old Covenant believing....yet, yet....with a much greater maturity when it comes to flowing in the Spirit.
They represent much of what is wrong and right with the charismatic move in Britain and the States. The leaders in our churches are mostly secondlevellers preaching to others that have been in that immature way of "seeing" that St Paul upbraids in his letters and Hebrews 6( if it is his.) for a period of simply decades.

The REAL RAW PRESENCE OF GOD  is in the Pillar of Fire and the Cloud, that sits in the midst of 12 GATES,12 TRIBES, 12 Disciples.....BANG in the MIDDLE of the cross tensioning running between all simultaneously.....(Think of how a suspension bridge stands).....

New wineskins are the people of God leaving unflexible wineskins to receive the fresh fullorbed LIVING WINE of God's pure Word again. These verses apply.
Hosea 2:14-15 14"Therefore, behold, I will allure her, Bring her into the wilderness And speak kindly to her. 15"Then I will give her her vineyards from there, And the valley of Achor as a door of hope. And she will sing there as in the days of her youth,
Hebrews 13:12 Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people through His own blood, suffered outside the gate. 13 So, let us go out to Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach. 14 For here we do not have a lasting city, but we are seeking the city which is to come.

The previous Move of God will always have a tendency to settle around the particular Gates of Jerusalem that have been revealed to them. (40 years ago Gerald Coates himself ministered on it under the message title "Pioneers and Settlers".)

These settlers  reduce their revelation down   to mere leftbrain concepts, and this Person of the Living God gets sidelined.The REAL RAW PRESENCE OF GOD  is in the Pillar of Fire and the Cloud, that sits in the midst of 12 GATES,12 TRIBES, 12 Disciples.....BANG in the MIDDLE of the cross tensioning running between all simultaneously.....(Think of how a suspension bridge stands).....
There is no cross tensioning or Living Presence in denominations generally, or the older network churches....and the way to tell is to look out for children moving in the spirit along side all other age groups.
The word for " God has departed" is ICHABOD. So until we have learned to keep the KINGDOM 12 sided Satellite dish firmly in our centre we will continually have need for new wineskins. Facebook Post 10/5/15

Sunday, 10 May 2015

In My House are many Mansions

In my House are many mansions.
James Goll writes about this in his book Practicing the Presence.
One thing Key of David meetings, Well meetings, Soaking meetings teach is that God doesn't teach you a "thing" like earthly teaching
He takes you into a Place, a Person.
Jesus said I am the Way. Evangelicals are still stuck in the Tree of Knowledge format, the book of instructions format.....not all of them.....some of them actually listened when Denis G Clark taught on Meditating on the Word.
Meditating on the Word is climbing into the verse. Climbing into the experience of it.
God is catching us up in Himself. One day He may rapture us....but the Father did say Sit at My right hand Son (and don't move) until I have made your enemies your footstool. So right now the Body is being raptured, caught up into the heavenly places where we live, to operate properly as His supernatural Body.
An aeroplane does not work very well on a runway. As a car it's pretty ungainly. Only when it has lifted off does it come into what it was made for. The Body of Christ needs to learn to fly. That's why church externals often look such rubbish. We were meant to fly....not sell jumble....or rattle charity tins.
People think they have seen church.
You haven;t seen church.
You have seen a pastor behaving like a circus ring,master.
True Church is thirdlevel, is caught up with her Bridegroom, is going into action with Her Bridegroom.
Each mansion or place in God required that we learn a new operation. The heavenly blueprint of the melchizedek order priesthood described in Hebrews is the real version of which Moses Tabernacle was a poor initial blue print.
Luther had to teach us the brazen altar again....the place where Jesus died, gave up His Life so we could have His.
The Anabaptists had to teach us about water baptism.
The Pentecostals had to teach us about the Baptism of fire in the Holy Spirit and our entrance into the Holy Place.
Every PLACE in God had its own function,its own protocols, its own movement on earth.
There are 7 pieces of furniture in the Temple.
There are 3 main states....outer courts, inner courts consisting of the Holy Place and Holiest Place.
Water operates in completely different ways in each of its three states:
Ice. Water. Steam.
It's like that in God. Ice people think water people are way too fluid.
Water people think steam people have absolutely no order or framework at all.
They don't and they do.
They don't have an earthly one. But they do have a heavenly Melchizedek framework.
The sons of God they follow the Spirit.
Each phase in God and there are countless en route are PLACES, ROOMS, MANSIONS in God. We can never get bored. God is always doing a new thing with us. Even wellknown verses are continually spraying out new meaning like fountains.
When you talk to me about Jesus, I listen to see if you have a bit of knowledge secondhand, or if you have actually been there.
Anybody can borrow a book about Everest and spout forth that knowledge in a lecture. But the only lectures people go to are by those who have climbed to the top!!!!!!

Friday, 8 May 2015

David Bilbrough,Jon Bilbrough and Dan Bilbrough

Hi everyone

It’s May.. the sun is shining today! Can’t believe it’s almost halfway through the year, but what a perfect time to write you an update as someone on my regular mailing list.

Pat and I have just returned from a wonderful visit to Sri Lanka where, working with local musicians, we had the privilege of playing at the Columbo Oval Cricket Ground at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Interchurch Games. It was a great time renewing connections we’ve had in the past as well as discovering new friends, and we had the opportunity of visiting to share with some great church congregations on what was a very memorable trip.

These last few months have seen a steady round of “Tales of a Troubadour” across the UK. It’s been a great privilege to work with World Vision on these evenings where I share my stories and travels on this unique event. Many of you would have come to one; if not, click here for a flavour. If you are interested in hosting your own “Tales” do get in touch

A major part of my work over the last few months has been recording a new album. I can’t wait for you to hear it. It should be released in the next few months. Called "The Song That I Sing” I’ve been focussing hard on this collection of self-written songs, which are largely hymnlike with folk melodies that can be sung and listened to. I’ve tried to dig deeper with the lyrics and in turn tried to present a musical style that enhances and is not formulaic. I hope it will encourage others to think more creatively about how they express worship. Alongside working with my friend Matt Hay, who engineered the album, it’s also been great to work alongside my son, Jon Bilbrough, who was at the helm, producing the recording.

I plan to tour extensively with “The Song that I Sing” in the Autumn of 2015 through into 2016 and would love to bring the songs to your area. If you are interested in hosting an event, either with this, or 'Tales of a Troubadour', do send us an email in the first instance to

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope to be able to catch up with sometime soon on my travels.



REMINDER THIS FRIDAY - Dan Bilbrough & Raul D'Oliveira 'Rhythmic Soundscapes' live @ All Hallows on the Wall. Historic 18th century church building near Liverpool Street station. Should be a great evening. Check out the clip for a taster and click on the event link to let us know you're coming. Be great to see you there. -