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John Edwards
Yesterday at 13:43 · Edited ·
There’s a Cultural War going on and most are either ignorant of it, afraid to fight in it or ignoring it.
The world is changing so fast, the world I grew up in (And I'm not that old) is disappearing, the moral standards, the foundational beliefs of how society works, Marriage, Relationships, media, education etc are changing so fast it's Overwhelming and breathtaking. There will be mighty repercussions, consequences for society and individuals, families, cities, nations and the world. There already are, suicide at an all time high, in UK 6000,000 rang Samaritans for help re suicide last year, (That’s just the ones who rang) thousands actually did it. It’s tragic, absolutely tragic. According to stats, 1in 4 people in some areas are on Antidepressants, yet Govt stats don't reflect this truth. Sexual deviation at an all time high and going 100 MPH to dark depths. Drugs and drug use are destroying our nation and all we can say is legalise it....Divorce, murder, AIDS still spreading amongst so many, The old , disabled and infirm are becoming a nuisance to society, they want to get rid of them at the beginning of life and at the end of life. Millions of babies are being aborted. I could go on and on for a long time. It's election time but I don't hear the main parities addressing these things in a Godly way. It's Antichrist to the core.
Many so called professing Christians are going the way of the world, believing teachings that are coming from the depths of hell itself, practicing a christianity that I don't recognise or see in the bible. Truth without grace is error BUT Grace without Truth is error also.
The weapons of this warfare are not the weapons of this world but on the contrary they have divine power to demolish strongholds(Of thinking and acts), It's our responsibility to take captive EVERY thought, Pretension (Something that pretends to be the TRUTH) and MAKE them obedient to the WORD of GOD. The world as we know it is changing...Political correctness, personal offence, ungodly voices screaming for recognition and their take on life to be everyones reality and they are getting it. These weapons are invisible and powerful. They use fear to dominate. Let us use our invisible weapon of faith and prayer, backed by action and our voice being heard around our countries. It's time to step forward Christians. It's time to repent!! END of Facebook article

Information is a weapon. It's like switching on a light in a dark room.




Chris Welch Facebook
The moment you receive, accept,acknowledge,live your life from
.....the Kingdom of God
Guess what?
You are in the takeover business.
King means King.
It's not Jesus AND anybody.
It's not Jesus and the UN
It's not Jesus and secularism
But since it's an internal exchange nobody is going to look at you and insurrectionist!!!
You don't have bombs.
Unless you are American in which case the gospel is slightly different for you, because God has a special department for Americans,
you don't have guns.
Your weapons are not carnal
To some extent Jesus totally confused the devil....being born as King in a cow food trough!!!
Also it only dawned on the devil what Isaiah 53 was on about , halfway through the which point he thought
"My God....get Him off that cross now!!!" So the demons began putting words into bystander's mouths like...
Huh....says He's King of the jews.....saved others but can't even save Himself!!!!
But after Gethsemane it was a done deal....
Jesus had set His face....despising the shame...ignoring the shame....for the joy set before Him!!!!
It does not yet "appear" what you and I are doing....because taking over the world for Jesus is done by the same Jesus who already DID!!!! But now He is living in us as US....and intends to manifest it with us...."filling out the afflictions of Him on the Cross".
God's Kingdom is a HEART WAY.
In whose heart is the highway to Zion!!!! See Psalm 84,,,,blessed are the men whose strength is in thee.
See Herod had to be told about Jesus. Nato and UN Army have to be told about us.
But actually....truth be told...the Kingdom of Darkness....which by the way is selftitled as the Kingdom of Light....or of Apollo....or of Set....or of Horus....or of Golden Dawn....think "Solar Cult"......think SUN DAY the one the devil gets us to worship Jesus on!!!!!!......Think "Thousand Points of LIGHT programme"....think Lucifer...bringer of LIGHT.....
Actually the Kingdom of Darkness is equally shrouded at the very top.
Just as nobody can see we are seated in the heavenly places with Jesus Christ......we can no more see humanly
Prieure de Sion
White Order of Tibet
Top Jesuits
Grand Mothers of Darkness witches
Aleister Crowley (when he lived...if he died)
All these are at the very top of the Darkness tree...but if you passed any member in the street, you would never know. One of the Rothschild clan says about her brother, one of the most powerful in the Pentagon....he actually "appears to be" a filing clerk or janitor or something. Reminds me of the film God Almighty!!!!
And in the field of music Jerry Lee Lewis is actually one of their top Mind Control Programmers in his "true function" on earth for the devil.
Do not allow the devil to define you. Jesus didn't. Jesus didn't "appear " to be doing much ministry on the last week of his first earthly body....but ofcourse now we know the behind the scenes story. But don't you be fooled either by what the Holy Spirit is really doing through you. NOW IT DOES NOT YET APPEAR!!!!!! But you may actually be more important than Benny Hinn or Rheinhard Bonnke who in the broad scheme of things may actually achieve very little ....hugely numeric.....but very little in terms of God's actual Throne working.
Jesus is in the Takeover Game and He is beginning with YOU.
That's what KINGDOM MEANS.
Behold I do a NEW THING will you now even perceive it/ be at all aware of it?
Chris Welch Facebook

Is this a tuner thing? Or is it because my parents were physics teachers? Or is it because we were born in the generations that discovered quantum science and DNA....Is it for these reasons I am absolutely unimpressed by
Believe in Jesus and you will get to heaven?
I am not unimpressed with believing in Jesus or getting to's just that in my Bible, and I don't think it's a special one, but in my one I read of overcomers.
Now probably we are all overcomers in heaven. I think that means on earth.
Well how are we flaming gonna overcome anything.?....
If we don't know how life works? Or how humans work? or how the world is structured? or how the devil manipulates things?
Surely in a war you have to know your enemy in minute detail?
So how is Believing in Jesus and getting to heaven going to help in the slightest if you haven't learnt you are dead and Christ now lives in you as you? How's it going to get you to be an overcomer? You're as ignorant literally as hell. If you were put in the Garden again you'd make the same mistakes as Adam and Eve did because you don't really get what happened in the first place.
Come on saints....Christ has a world to rule and it's not going to be just some 7 Mountains Theory of some involves knowing that we know that we know who we now are.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

John 17- the Vision of the " Church Visible"

Basilia Schlink studied psychology at a very key time in Germany's history and world history. But precisely because she was a born again Lutheran espousing all aspects of evangelicalism including sharing Jesus on the streets she was immediately perceived in Europe as something close to a Southern States Bible thumper with no brain. This is the power of assumption and the great power with which the devil mind controls every man woman and child on earth. Here's some truth. Like Bonhoeffer Nee and many other greats she was so.far into Christ's life she was way beyond anything in America. She openly taught similar to Norman Grubbs Romans 6 to 8 message in her community and created one of the first living communities to share life.together in that level of.belief. In the book Realities and my very own eyeballs you will see that they were actually materialising bits of early Romans 8 in their end of the Universe in Darmstadt. Here's a key....the Gates of Jerusalem, the book of Romans individually and the book.of Ephesians corporately are a cycle.If you conclude the cycle then you get reproduction and on a grand scale. The reason evangelists have such a hard time is two or threefold.....they only carry two-thirds of the gospel and are working with an Ishmael church that likewise never completes God's Word and is a half built Tower and thirdly hidden Masonic activity works ceaselessly to undermine everything they do and laugh mercilessly at the half built towers. If we conclude the cycle then like a lady fertilized in her ovulation cycle....pregnancy Just HAPPENS.....NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!

Roll on the Word and Spirit Church prophesied by Wigglesworth with all Jerusalem's 12 Gates up and running.

So precisely because of her psychology studies and her advanced spiritual revelation Mother Basilea Schlink was one of the first in the evangelical world to be aware of the broad outlline of mindcontrol over nations through media and locally through focus groups and methods such as Sensitivity training and Silva mind control formation. It was very hard for us 16 yearolds to stomach in 1974 but what she had already picked up in the Spirit was the yellow brick road of the masonic plan to take over every aspect of life. She would not have known Mengele and the rest were shipped to America by James Bonds Ian Fleming....ready to continue the mind control studies there as shown in Shutter Island (Dicaprio+Kingsley). She would have known some of the Nazi psychology professors by name and studied their more openly published material. Erin Rothschild actually knew Mengele as a father figure as did many of the psychic soldiers in the Montauk project. See Miles Johnstons Youtube Bases series.

Jesus called 12 disciples. HE DIDNT DO WHAT NORMAN GRUBB DID.....which was the evangelical notion of having a seminar once a year and then trying to work it all out individually.
He called forth His Church by the Spirit, spoke Light, and waited for the nuclear fallout between the disciples, when He then spoke more Word. That's why Jesus way of doing things takes 3 years and Norman's way of doing things takes 70 and counting. The church is the Woman that gives birth to the Manchild.
Who is the church? The new Jerusalem compacted together.then scattered when her time is come.

The Union message of people who have read Norman Grubb is OK but it isn't really a Union message.....why? Until it's a full-fledged John 17 or Full Body message it's like masturbation for beginners. The Church is what God is after and the Church reproducing according to the woman and the manchild of Revelation 12 is what He shall get......manifesting now to powers and principalities the manifold (as in full spectrum....visible and offvisible) wisdom of God.

God ignores Romans and jewish Chief Priests. They were the wrapping paper.
No Jesus FIRST CHURCH was the blueprint for all time.
Daily ministry and sharing of lives for a very short period then SCATTER packed with INNER WORD. Very similar to YWAM but with the third part of the gospel of 1 John 2 in which they ignore. People now are like rape victims.
Have you ever tried talking to a rape victim about marriage?
Well people are like this whenever you talk about Church.
Church ISN'T what you have in America. That is called a circus with a ringmaster.
Church isn't what we have in England. That is called a lecture in a mortuary.
So when I use the word Church or called out gathering of the saints according to Hebrews 13.11-13 I am talking of something like YWAM except with mature ministries. People compacted together BY THE LIVING PROPHETIC WORD...."the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy"
Why? If you are all going to be related to the HEAD'd better be joined up with the Head in the Melchizedek Order to begin with.
Peter's two main Words were....I will make you a fisher of men and upon THIS ROCK (a pun on Peter and His inward seeing of God come in the flesh in Jesus).
If you don't build on the apostolic and prophetic WORD for you, you end up building the disasters called churches in the States and the UK on every street corner and totally acceptable to every freemason Lodge in the world. You can sit there for hundreds of years. You can then sell your building off as a mosque or carpet shop....but one thing you will never have achieved is Revelation 12....and the Woman gave birth to a Manchild and was chased off into the wilderness.

The gospel is a CHURCH WORD.
Please don't read that in your leftbrain.
Here is the leftbrain meaning of that phrase.
The word gospel is a word only used in the context of Church.
No wash your ears out and i will begin again.
The Word of Christ in the gospel is ALWAYS in RELATION to Jesus BUILDING HIS BRIDE in the EARTH.
Any idiot can get saved.
Any idiot can press through Romans in his own life to find Jesus as HIS LIFE.
NO the real CATCH 22 is that there is ONLY ONE JESUS and HE IS A FAMILY JESUS who builds local reflections of
These local reflections of the TRINITY AGAPE LOVE are called churches and unlike the ISHMAELS on the present streets...they are BORNE OF GOD'S WORD and are pressing into the fulness of 1 JOHN 2....all 3 stages of Growth spiritually and in corporate form as described in Ephesians. In short like nothing we have ever seen on earth in our lifetime.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Chocolate than never (a Mike Geary Post)

chocolate nibs
Since most people recently celebrated Easter a couple weeks ago, that means millions of people were gobbling up loads of chocolate in the form of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies... Unfortunately, the vast majority of this chocolate is cheap milk chocolate loaded with mostly sugar as opposed to the healthy fats, high fiber, high antioxidant, and low-sugar content of truly dark chocolate.

My good friends that run the super popular Alternative Health publishing website have a great article I wanted to share with you below about chocolate... including these topics:

The effect of chocolate on your good vs bad bacteria in your gut
The effect of chocolate on your heart health
The powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in the cocoa bean
The prebiotic effect of chocolate
and lots more fun stuff!

Dark Chocolate and Your Gut? (The Scientific Consensus)

Thanks to unhealthy processing methods, chocolate has earned a reputation as a ‘junk food.’ While the candy bars lining the supermarket shelves are certainly not good for you, organic, raw dark chocolate has many surprising health benefits, and is even considered a superfood. But do you know why it is so good for you?

The ancient Mayans referred to cacao, the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate, as ‘the food of the gods.’ Depictions of people drinking cacao are incorporated into their artwork, and the shapes of cacao pods are found carved into their stone templates. Ancient Mayans also grew cacao trees in their household gardens.

When cacao is processed into the chocolate that we commonly see today, it loses much of its health benefits, due to the high heat used in roasting and the chemicals added during processing, along with a huge amount of added sugar. Raw, unprocessed cacao is filled with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants.

Organic, raw dark chocolate contains minerals including magnesium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, manganese and calcium. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B8 and E, and is a good source of protein and fiber.

The fats that raw cacao contains also support well-being. They include oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that is also found in olive oil and avocados, plus healthy saturated fats, which the body needs to properly function.

The many known benefits of cacao

Up until recently, researchers knew that raw cacao was good for us but could not exactly pinpoint just why it was so. Some of the many known health benefits include:

Cacao beans are rich in polyphenols called flavonoids, which have been found to have antioxidant properties. In fact, they contain 8 times the number of antioxidants found in strawberries. Studies have shown that antioxidants protect the cells and combat the free radicals that contribute to aging.
(Speaking of aging, see 5 Tricks to look 10 years YOUNGER on this page)

Flavonoids may also contribute to a healthy heart. They have been linked to improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, and reducing the plaque that can build up on artery walls. The minerals in cacao also contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system. You can also read here about how dairy fat like cream and butter can also reduce artery plaque, which is surprising to most people that have never heard this science.

Theobromine, an alkaloid found in cacao, has been linked to stimulating the central nervous system and providing the body with a boost of energy. Cacao also contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which affects brain chemistry in a similar fashion to falling in love. Cacao has been linked to increasing the availability of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which can elevate your mood and even lessen depression.

The serotonin effect of chocolate also explains why larger quantities of chocolate are eaten in winter than any other season. As many people become deficient in vitamin D in the winter months, due to lack of sunlight, and may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), chocolate can help balance out the winter blahs.

A study published in the British Medical Journal observed that a daily dose (with a polyphenol content equal to 100 grams) of dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in people with metabolic syndrome. According to the research, if all study participants ate dark chocolate daily, 70 non-fatal and 15 fatal cardiovascular events per every 10,000 people would be averted over a ten-year period.

New research now answers the question why

While you many not need another study to convince you to nibble on a piece of organic dark chocolate from time to time, we found this one particularly interesting in that it seems to have finally addressed just why this tasty treat is so good for us; and you may be surprised at the answer.

Researchers from Louisiana State University had a hunch, and they set about to test the effects that dark chocolate had on stomach bacteria. They compared three different cocoa powders in a simulated human digestive process.

We know that inside the gut there are both harmful and helpful bacteria. The helpful microbes, including Bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria, seem to find dark chocolate quite a scrumptious feast.

How it works

Study leader John Finley, PhD, explains that cocoa powder is rich in two flavanol compounds, catechin and epicatechin, along with a small amount of dietary fiber. Both flavanol compounds are poorly digested and absorbed, however, good gut bacteria begins to gobble them up as soon as they enter the colon.

The fiber is fermented and the large polyphenolic polymers are broken down into smaller, anti-inflammatory molecules which can be easily absorbed. In short, our gut bacteria become a fermenting factory, breaking down and releasing health promoting compounds.

Finley further states that consuming prebiotics (foods not digested that feed healthy bacteria) along with the fiber in cocoa could boost overall health by changing polyphenolics in the gut into anti-inflammatory compounds.

Prebiotics are probiotics’ friend

In simple terms, prebiotics AND probiotics are both necessary for intestinal health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that keep your intestinal system in good working order and help your colon rid itself of toxic chemicals and pathogens.

Probiotics can be found in naturally fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, tempeh, kim chi and miso, and also a good probiotic supplement. Eating probiotic rich foods several times a week (or better yet, daily) can help prevent colon cancer and improve the body’s immune response to colds and infections.

Health conditions that respond well to regular consumption of foods high in probiotics include diarrhea, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and asthma.

Prebiotics help probiotics do their job. Prebiotics can be found in foods such as leeks, raw garlic, onions, beans, lentils, chickpeas, asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes. They are also present in fiber supplements such as slippery elm and psyllium. Regularly consuming prebiotic foods several times a week can help maintain probiotic bacteria in your gut and encourage good bowel health.

Speaking of probiotics, read this article about the problem with yogurt, and why kefir is better in many cases.

How to feed your gut microbes right

To get the maximum health benefits from your chocolate, choose raw, non-roasted cacao beans when possible. You can also find raw cacao in ‘nibs,’ which are cacao beans that have been peeled and crushed, and cacao powder, which is created by peeling and cold-pressing cacao beans.

Initially bitter, you can use organic, raw dark chocolate in savory dishes, or combined with coconut crystals or crushed stevia leaf for sweeter recipes. Finley also suggests combining dark chocolate with fruits such as pomegranates and acai to increase the overall health benefit.

Stay tuned: Watch for upcoming research sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Mars Inc., makers of M&M’s and Snickers candy bars, that has patented a way to extract the flavonols from cocoa in high concentration and put them in capsules. The study will be testing the effectiveness of the capsules to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as how they impact overall cardiovascular health and insulin management.

Are we in for a chocolate supplement? Time will tell, but rest assured that the big food manufacturers won’t miss any opportunity to capitalize on the amazing health promoting properties of raw cacao.

Enjoy your dark chocolate, and always look for at least 70% or higher cacao content in a dark chocolate in order to reduce the amount of sugar you take in with your chocolate.

-The Alternative Daily

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Elaine and Chris on the Kingdom and Finance

Recorded today in Poole after I was removing a piano from East Chichester to Parkstone, Poole. As Elaine is now living there I thought I'd visit.

Briars 20 - Walmart engaging with Jade Helm 15

FOLLOW UP ON WALMART. This is a short post to follow up the article on those 5 Walmart’s mysteriously closing, as well as some new info on our military & Jade Helm 15. What changes are on the horizon for us??
PORTLAND OREGON,HAPPY VALLEY WALLMART. A resident who lives across the street told me that in the last week they have gone to Walmart repeatedly with warnings of how the store is being massively ripped off. A hole was made in the fence and people were passing out a large number of items to people outside of the fence. On another day a door on the side of the building that is normally shut was left open and large numbers of people were stealing through this door. The resident said she and her adult son had gone over 4 times and that the Walmart employees acted uninterested in their warnings and each time simply shrugged and said, “We can’t do anything about it.” What? This store was one that stayed opened 24-7 but it has recently started closing from 12 to 6 a.m. There are other Walmarts in the country that are similarly backing off on their hours.
LAS VEGAS, NV. N. RAINBOW BLVD. This large Walmart near the Interstate is putting all of its fixed items on wheels, as if they need to set the store up to be emptied at a moment’s notice. No explanation was given to why. There are unsubstantiated reports of the World Order’s tunnel system connecting to some Walmarts. I have no doubt that the tunnel system exists, & it would not surprise me that some of it has exit/entrances at certain Walmarts.
BRANDON SUPER WALMART, Brandon, FL. This was the Walmart in Florida that was supposedly closed for plumbing, but no plumbing work is being done. However, they have cleared the parking lot, taking things down. They appear to be clearing it for some activity.
WAGE PROBLEMS. Some people are saying the Walmarts are being closed due to labor problems, but there are places where Walmart employees are disgruntled with their wages (like Oregon) and doing things about it…yet they were not closed. The full time Walmart workers reportedly average S12.96. In all Walmart has at least 1.3 million employees, most being part time. I still find the closures of these 5 Walmarts mysterious, and find the best explanation to be something associated with the bigger picture…like Jade Helm 15. Lots of speculation is going on about Jade Helm 15, and I heard, but have not verified, that Colorado has been dropped as one of the states for Jade Helm 15.
JADE HELM 15, and TODAY’S MILITARY. I listen to armed patriots discuss how they can defeat the govt.’s military forces. I don’t think these people realize how upgraded the military is from when I was in the army at the end of the Vietnam War. The military has extremely accurate maps developed from satellites (& who knows what else) that they distribute to non-commissioned officers which become 3-D when light is shone on them. An attack can be planned on a house in detail because of such accurate 3-D maps. The American military is fully informed about where its “blue” forces & the enemy (“red”) are located. Computer maps show in real time where all the blue vehicles are. Any mine or bomb will be displayed on computer maps so that all blue forces know what the enemy is doing.
The new sniper rifles (I think they are called XM210s) fire a .300 winmag bullet, but the rifles are far superior to a Model 700 Remington, which was not shabby. Another new sniper rifle was the XM110. As the film “American Sniper” (based on an actual sniper) showed, the military’s good snipers using .50 caliber sniper rifles, can hit people from over a mile.
A backpack that is carried can have its rockets launched to clear an area of all mines & bombs. Say an intersection is mined. Well, a few seconds later it is cleared. The night fighting ability is tremendous, and is a likely time for strikes. The ground troops have direct radio contact with fighter bombers which now have pin point accuracy. The ability of the military to identify & take out a target with precision & speed is incredible. It is completely different than when I was in the military, and aircraft were expected to miss their targets with their bombs. Now a pilot is called on the carpet and is seriously in trouble if he misses. Today’s military is far more flexible… made up of small units that can be re-assembled & tailored to fit a mission. They can also be put together in a package with other national forces like for instance, the Australians to carry out a mission. I have been hearing some of military officials conversing with civilians to make sure Jade Helm 15 runs smoothly.
CASH ON THE WAY OUT? Another tidbit, which in the bigger scheme of things may relate…Chase Manhattan sent out letters telling some customers they no longer wanted cash or precious metals stored in their safe deposit boxes. Some of their bank employees have been calling for the elimination of cash.
One can see the direction things are heading in this nation! It is a path that resembles what the German people went through with the rise of the Nazi party in the 1930’s, except this time, their technology is superior.  END OF ARTICLE BY FRITZ SPRINGMEIER posted on Facebook

Trains with Shackles on    (Facebook link on the day this post went up)
The reports about the coming Jade Helm 15 operation across the southwest continue to suggest that this is not merely a standard training exercise to prepare our military personnel for foreign engagements as has been suggested by officials.

A letter sent to Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show by a concerned Texas Ranger indicates that the government is preparing for a scenario similar to what has been described in William Forstchen’s recent novella Day of Wrath in which ISIS terrorists cross the southern border of the United States and simultaneously attack soft targets across the nation.

But the letter doesn’t stop there. The Ranger, who has kept his identify private for obvious reasons and makes clear that the scope of Jade Helm is so secret that the intent is not completely clear, says that the JH15 mission objectives may go much farther than just preparing for terrorists. According to the law enforcement insider there are trains moving throughout Texas and some of them have been outfitted with shackles, presumably to “transport prisoners of some sort.” The claim adds further credence to a report about Jade Helm dissident roundups and arrests and widespread martial law declarations following an emergency.

His letter sheds some light on the Walmart store closings, suggesting at least one may be utilized in a national security capacity as a staging point for the Department of Homeland Security, an agency that is apparently not trusted by anyone within the Texas Rangers organization, according to the source.

The full letter follows:

Hello Mr. Hodges,

I have been a Texas Ranger for quite some time, and as such, I am privy to much of what is going on with regard to the Midland Walmart store closing, the presence of ISIS on Texas soil and our preparations to combat an insurgent threat.

I will not give you my rank or location because it would not be safe to do so. It is a waste of time to try and trace the IP#, etc., as I have taken steps to ensure that this note cannot be traced back to me. I understand and realize that you seem to have a growing issue with people who will not go on the record with their inside knowledge or first-hand observations, but you cannot understand the pressure and scrutiny that some of us are under. I am taking a big risk writing this email to you.

The main reason that I am writing to you is to encourage you to keep writing on the growing threat of infiltration in Texas and I suspect other states as well. The infiltration I am writing about is not just Special Forces that are going to conducting covert drills in our state. that is concerning and I agree with you this involves martial law. For now I am talking about ISIS and the danger that they pose to all of us. Our intelligence indicates that they have enough manpower & firepower to subdue a small town. The Midland Walmart takeover by DHS is a national security move in which we have been told falls under the Continuity of Government provisions. The Threat Fusion Centers are providing related information on what it is we are facing but the information sharing is only in one direction and that is very concerning.

We expecting an attack on more than one Texas city or town by ISIS and/or any of their partners. I believe the information to be accurate. However, this makes the covert operations of groups like the Navy Seals and others under JH15 highly suspicious. We do not need the insertion of Special Ops into Texas towns and cities. I think that you are probably right about the intention of arresting political undesirables given what we know about JH15. I am of the opinion that whatever the mission objectives of JH15, they have nothing to do with the immediate threat. Therefore, I do not pretend to understand the full scope of JH 15 because there are unfolding operational details which are almost impossible to reconcile with what I already know to be fact based the evidence for what is going on.

Let me drop a bombshell that I have not seen you address. There are trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars. I have not personally seen them, but I know personnel that have seen this. This indicates that these trains will be used to transport prisoners of some sort. I know from reading your articles that your default belief will be that these are for American political prisoners and will be transported to FEMA detention camps of some sort. We have been told by Homeland that these trains are slated for transporting captured terrorists, non-domestic. We are not sure we can trust this explanation because Homeland is keeping a lot from us and we are growing increasingly uncomfortable with their presence in Texas.

I wanted to tell also you that we believe that Pantex is a high value target for ISIS and much or our preparation is to thwart any action by terrorists against the facility. I am wondering how in the hell you figured that out. Someone on the deep inside must be talking with you.

Keep writing Mr. Hodges, you and the underground media are making a difference. As I am sure you know, Colorado announced today that JH15 is suspended in that state. Unfortunately, we do not have that prerogative because we believe that we are under the threat of eminent attack here in Texas.

I do believe the ISIS threat is legitimate. But you are also correct to suspect the motives behind the JH15 drills. They are clouded in secrecy and we have been shut out regarding their operational intent. The people of Texas and all of the United States of America should be pushing back against JH15.

I will support the Feds in their preparation against ISIS. But the moment that this action turns against our locals is the moment I will perform my oath of office. I am not alone in this feeling. None of my brothers trust Homeland. We will have to see where this is going but I have a bad feeling.

You do your job and keep writing and I will do my job in upholding the Constitution

Thank You

The suspicions of the public are quite justified, it seems. The operational commanders for Jade Helm have compartmentalized the “exercise” to such an extent that no one, not the local and state law enforcement officers involved or the majority of military personnel, has any idea what is actually going on.

As noted in the letter, a realistic threat from our southern border certainly exists and as we’ve written previously, Border Patrol and Homeland Security have been capturing suspected terrorist operatives crossing into the United States for years. But the Texas Ranger who penned the letter says this is not necessarily the full scope of the massive Summer exercise.

And given that people within his own organization report seeing shackles in trains, is it completely out of the question to suggest that the government does, in fact, have procedures in place to detain, transport and imprison those suspected of terrorism, or those who may be suspected of being suspected?

When Gerald Celente warned of the Auschwitz Express back in a 2012 interview he wasn’t joking:

First it was the Patriot Act. Now it’s the National Defense Authorization Act. And then it was Obama’s Executive Order giving El Presidente Los Estados Unidos the supreme right to call Martial Law at a potential threat – a potential threat.

Then there’s Big Bro over there, Attorney General Eric Holder, who just passed these guidelines that could let them listen in to what we’re saying right now, listen to you on your cell phone, watch every stroke of your keyboard, and they at the White House could then determine whether or not the algorythms add up to you being a terrorist or a potential terrorist.

Big Brother never had it so good.

…all aboard the Auschwitz Express…

…That’s what’s going on here… and the people don’t see it, and they’re afraid to speak up… People don’t want to believe it.

Full Interview Via SGT Report

We will soon find out if Jade Helm is just another military exercise. Some are of the opinion that it could be used to facilitate a false flag operation that would then be used as justification to implement nationwide martial law and to activate Doomsday Executive Orders recently signed by President Obama.

It may sound wildly conspiratorial, but it wouldn’t be the first time a government has purposefully engaged in such conduct.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Briars 18 - Reserve Currency Reset - Fritz Springmeier

THE ILLUMINATI’S RESERVE CURRENCY RESET. This article is a continuation of about ten previous articles & reveals Illuminati plans for a reset in October, 2015. As I have mentioned before, Christine LaGarde, head of the IMF, is on the 7 member Illuminati Board of Directors that functions like the Illuminati’s Council of 13 previously did. She has repeatedly warned of a global financial reset. Her right hand man is a globalist from China, Dr. Min Zhu. For years, I have described China’s steps to become the world’s reserve currency, for instance, secretly stockpiling over 5,000 tons of gold, and their secret negotiations with other nations, and Singapore’s secret backing of this. I have written how ATMs in China no longer take dollar based plastic cards. I have written how our leaders continue to sabotage our dollar, & how the IMF’s SDRs work.
CHINA’S FAILURE OF 2010 NO LONGER PERTAINS. The Illuminati had seriously considered a reserve currency reset in 2010 in which China’s currency would have been elevated to reserve status, and one of my inside sources had thought it most likely. In the event, the Illuminati financial gurus felt that China’s economy needed to get stronger before it was ready to take on the responsibility of being a world reserve currency. China had secretly prepared the Red Plum SE Asian currency—similar to the Euro for this purpose. But plans were put on hold. A person in the IMF now says China’s economy passes the test to be a global reserve currency. Illuminata Christine LaGarde has made it clear that China’s currency will become a world reserve currency. To quote her exactly, she unequivocally said, “It is not a question of IF, it is a question of WHEN!” Her right hand man, Zhu Min, has told people that China’s currency would be recognized as a world reserve currency this year by the IMF. The IMF’s internal calendar of meetings & events points to the 3rd week in October, 2015 as the point in time to announce China’s yuan as a global reserve currency. Now bear in mind, currently the U.S. dollar is only functioning 62% of the time as a reserve currency…38% of the time, the other major currencies like the British pound, the Euro, and Canadian, Australian dollars and the Japanese Yen, and IMF SDRs fill the bill. The dollar will still play a role as a reserve currency AFTER this anticipated announcement, however, after the announcement the dollar will no longer be the same. Bankers who are insiders are preparing for this. 40 central banks have invested in the Chinese yuan. Illum. banks like HSBC & Deutsche Bank are trading & investing in the yuan.
THIS RESET MEANS A FINANCIAL STORM FOR DOLLAR HOLDERS. If your savings or retirement is in dollars, this reset will wipe you out. I discussed how the Swiss challenged the concept of fiat money in Nov. 30th, 2014 to back their money with gold. On 1/15/2015, Switz.’s Central bank stopped their currency pegging with the Franc and everyone in Europe dumped their Swiss Francs for Euros. If you had a loan in Swiss Franc’s it increased in value 40%, thereby ruining you. The world’s currency markets made big shifts in relation to the Swiss Franc, and interestingly, some people like Questra Capital obviously knew what was going to happen and made out like bandits. Likewise, you can prepare for this new reset by switching your assets to things that the reset will not damage. While silver & gold are fairly stable, there will be other things that are better investments. I will let you figure this out, as I do not want to put myself in the place of your financial advisor.
CONNECTIONS TO OTHER EVENTS. I believe that Jade Helm 15 may be connected to the rise of China’s currency & the collapse of ours. My opinion,… and this is merely my informed opinion,… is that Jade Helm is merely a precursor exercise to the real thing, to mute our sensitivity to these things. As I have written before, in WW2 the Allies did large air raids that were similar to D-Day, so that the Germans would have their guard down when the real event happened. In the event, the Germans were totally surprised, & did indeed disregard signs of the impending Grossinvasion. There needs to be some caution about overstating what Jade Helm is, lest people think we are calling “wolf, wolf” and tune us out when the wolf comes. On the other hand, it definitely is a sign of something serious on the horizon.

Marcos Dutra Very interesting text. I remember LaGarde's crazy speech full of numerology references. I have some questions:
- do you know the name of the other six members of the Club of Seven?
- is nationalism in China playing no part at all ? Are the Chinese totally subservient to the Illuminati?
- what is Russia's part in this plan? Is Putin only false opposition?

Fritz Springmeier Marcos Dutra I have the names of the 7 directors somewhere, buried in my paperwork. Off the top of my head I can mention Viscount Etienne Davignon and Guy Verhofstadt. I think I can also add Herman Van Rompuy. I don't have the time to dig for the full list.

Zachary Gomez When I saw this performance a little over 2 years ago, I knew that the yuan would overtake the dollar as the world's reserve currency. A screen behind Rihanna flashed the yuan symbol for no apparent reason and I just knew it really was for a reason. Not to mention the other occult symbols and that a multiple could probably be triggered watching this video.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Briars 17 - The First Gold Shipment was due September 12th 2001-Fritz Springmeier

 In line with the Illuminati goal for Hillary to be our next president, when you walk into Portland’s enormous Powell’s book store, her book is prominently displayed. Her book may be having an unexpected side effect, for it admits that the United States is behind the creation of the Islamic State group (f.k.a. ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria). You will note that arms that American sent to Syria for over a decade were what armed ISIS to start with. This post is a quick view of how alternative views of events are spreading. Some quotes from a BBC article and another article on the Dragon families will be employed for this.
Some Americans may be too preoccupied with their expensive toys to notice the U.S.’s hanky-panky worldwide & how so many in the world are noticing such things. People in many countries are aware of how Pakistan’s U.S. backed govt. created the Taliban which got funded by Saudi Arabia & the U.S. The Taliban was created to counter the Soviet power in central Asia during the Illuminati’s manufactured Cold War. So one Hegelian dialectic is used to move us into the next one, just as WW 2 created the dynamics for the Cold War & the Vietnam War. People worldwide are turning from the mainstream press’ explanations…so they are open to hear Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan say French security forces knew of the Charlie Hebdo attacks ahead of time. This makes the Hebdo attack a false flag on par with 9-11, where the hand of Israel can be seen along with the deliberate allowance of the attacks by Western intelligence.
Excerpts from a BBC article follow:
As Islamic State (IS) militants advanced into Lebanon last week - spreading terror into the village of Arsal, bordering Syria, and driving hundreds out of their homes - whispers pinned the blame for their actions on the US.
Horrific videos of IS atrocities against Lebanese Armed Forces circulated on the internet. So did the theory that America is behind the existence and emboldening of the group.
To back up their claim, conspiracy theorists online pointed to a powerful piece of "proof": the word of Hillary Clinton - the former US secretary of state widely expected to make a bid for the presidency.
Screenshots of supposed "excerpts" from her book spread far and wide on social media in Lebanon, claiming the US created IS to instill instability in the region for American gain.
The rumor even prompted the Lebanese foreign ministry to summon US Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale.
"Most people here believe the US and Saudi are one and when it comes strictly down to oil money, the ultimate benefactor from the whole IS debacle is Saudi/the US. As history has taught us, it is usually the benefactors who are the instigators," says Amer Murad, a native of Beirut. [End of quotes]
Conflicts arise when groups of people have powerful divergent viewpoints on a subject. How will the World Power deal with these views that are gaining widespread acceptance around the globe? The PTSNB are going to have to deflect or defeat these new understandings. Another case in point is the attempt by the secret Dragon families of China (Asia) to challenge the Illuminati. Here is an excerpt from an article on that situation:
The Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families, has executed an elaborate sting operation where a vast international alliance of 117 countries now has a legal way to end the financial tyranny of the Old World Order.
A lawsuit was filed on November 23, 2011, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York which could end the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at least the past 300 years. The lawsuit was filed by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon family. This filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA, the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services and has the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces of Russia and China.

The lawsuit claims that close to $1 trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Board.
This is a civil claim arising out of the concerted, knowing, malicious scheme and international conspiracy engaged in by the Defendants for the designed purpose of defrauding plaintiff Keenan, the designated Agent of his Principal, the "Dragon Family," for the express purpose of expropriating, stealing and converting certain negotiable financial instruments lawfully owned by the Dragon Family and entrusted to Keenan in early 2009. The ultimate defendants in this legal action are believed to be the same cabal behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and many other major international crimes.
This particular lawsuit was triggered by the illegal detainment of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, as well as the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy on June 3, 2009.
The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, the United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals. Many of the bonds seized are backed with the Chinese gold taken by the Federal Reserve Board during those years and never returned to its legal owners.
…The first shipment of gold they were supposed to give back was due to be sent back on September 12th, 2001. And of course, as you know, the World Trade Center got blown up on September 11th. The gold that was in the basement went missing. Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, the company that was handling the paperwork, was blown up [658 employees, which represented nearly 70 percent of its workforce, were in the office that morning — none made it out alive]. Building 7, where the Treasury police and all these people were, was blown up — and all the paperwork there was blown up. Basically, they were saying, “We’re not giving back the gold!” There was this massive gold cache underneath the World Trade Center, and they snuck it out — it was shipped to California and then I believe to Paraguay.
[end of quoted excerpt]
Here again we have a faction, the Dragon families, standing up against the Illuminati. But we should bear in mind that the rise of China’s economic growth and its current success is connected to the Illuminati, so it raises the question…what independent power do these Dragon families actually have to genuinely challenge the World Power?? or are we seeing the growth of some more manipulated conflict that will be deflected to make the World Power stronger?? Will the rise of awareness help mankind, or will it be manipulated and deflected into negative endeavors, and more bloody wars?

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Greatest Cause of Death statistically (USA article) through Penny Kanefield

There is actually a term for this "Death by MD", 'iatrogenic death', from the Greek term iatrogeniesis, meaning 'brought forth by the healer"..
Back in the late 1990's The Nutrition Institute of America started funded an independent review of “government-approved” medicine that was published in 2006, that resulted in professor Gary Null (and others) findings report titled “Death by Medicine.” These independent researchers with no agenda outside of determining truth, found that America’s leading cause of death was not what we were being told, heart disease or cancer but was actually direct adverse reactions from "modern allopathic medicine", which of course is also directly related to the CAUSE of 99+% of all of today's cancer and heart diseases.
This independent group funded by The Nutrition Institute found that the 'iatrogenic death' rate in the US (death caused by doctors and/or medical treatments) was averaging over 783,000 a year. That’s 186,423 more deaths than those caused by heart disease and 206,309 more deaths than those caused by cancer in 2010... EASILY MAKING 'DEATH BY MD DOCTOR' THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN AMERICAN, and again that is not even counting the fact that both heart disease and cancer today (at least 99%) are a cumulative result of prior vaccines and "meds" that destroy our immune systems, destroy our bodies natural functions to fight off all diseases. .
Over a decade, these independent research scientists predicted that 'iatrogenic deaths' (death by MD Doctor) will total about 7.8 million, “more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the US throughout our entire history,” a death rate equivalent to two 9/11 events every day for the next ten years... .They and I also believe these numbers are extremely conservative (low) because most iatrogenic deaths (Death by MD Doctors) aren't reported as such: only 5 to 20% of iatrogenic deaths are reported because of CYA acts out of fear of lawsuits and because codes for reporting deaths due to drug side effects and other medical errors (BY DESIGN) don’t even exist in many cases. The number of deaths due to conventional medicine may be 20 times higher than our very conservative estimates here..
......I think Sun Tzu that once said, 'if you don't even make an effort to know your enemy you are a f'ing idiot!'.... he actually worded it like this: "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose two; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."

GREAT NEWS, the World's simplest solution to this local and global crisis:

(1) it's the FED (their MEANS), and (2) we just need to wake up and STAND to end all this and simply gain back our nation!!!

"AND HOW you MIGHT ASK?" .. Well, it's all about face to face Word of Mouth speaking some simple realities.. And that message has to be simple, the fact that we are under attack by mostly foreign global enemies from within our Nation:

1. We have to know and be able to communicate to others the 'MEANS' for all this insanity. We have to identify just who they are who owns the 'MEANS' (mostly foreign global Eugenic "elite" owners of the private and totally unconstitutional "Fed Reserve") and exactly what their 'MEANS' is to allow this attack by an enemy from within.

2. WHAT IS THEIR MEANS.. that it is simply a rancid and corrupt, unconstitutional, private mostly foreign owned Central Bank that was corruptly established here in 1913. One that lends pure thin air loans to the U.S., A ZERO RESERVE bank that does not even back their own thin air loans. A ZERO RESERVE bank that has the ignorant masses, THE PEOPLE back all their thin air loans, with their personal wages and personal property. IT’S ONLY The People of the U.S. that pay for the thin air (with interest) loans UNCONSTITUTIONALLY taken out of our personal wages and personal property.. the epitome of INSANITY!

3. ESTABLISHING ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ AS THE FUEL FOR THIS CORRUPT INSANITY…. Again, it's vital we communicate that it is WE THE PEOPLE that back AND with our personal wages and personal property pay for these mostly foreign global Central Banking "elites" thin air loans and paper treasury bonds their other Central Banks (like their "The People's Bank of China" buy from our corrupted U.S. treasury.

4. EXACTLY HOW DID IT GET THIS WAY … It is important that we know and can explain how it got this way, and explain that it was in 1913 that these mostly foreign global Eugenic "elites" corrupted enough of our elected officials to CORRUPTLY pass the necessary legislation to establish them (Andrew Jackson called them a 'den of vipers') again as the Central Bank for this nation. Those rancid in corruption and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts were the "Federal Reserve Act" and the 16th (and 17th) Amendments that established their RANCID and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL IRS, all corruptly passed that fatal year 1913.

5. WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN… We must understand the meaning of all this, and exactly what is their "MOTIVE".. Their 'MOTIVE' is simple, power and control, leading eventually to total global governance, their governance over a world population that is 90% smaller than its current size, and those that survive the eugenic cleansing (currently in full gear here and all over the world) WILL BE TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT ON GOV. (their global governance) .. .. It really is like an Austin Powers movie, with Dr. Evil and Mini Me, but very real.

6. JUST WHO OWNS AND HAS TOTAL CONTROL OF OUR NATION…. We must be able to explain how they are currently and have achieved their goals of destroying our nation from within. We must understand that if ANY ENTITY (like their rancid FED) has total and absolute control of a nation’s currency and funds THAT ENTITY CONTROLS THAT NATION. This is not rocket science here we must understand this dead simple reality.

7. IF THIS IS "REALITY", HOW COME NO ONE KNOWS IT… how come our news media never mentions this or our schools never mention this or anything about this if this is “REALITY”. It is vital we understand why and exactly how this REALITY stays buried and is never spoken of, it's a simple explanation:

a. They own and control every micro fiber of our media! If one had unlimited, totally unlimited funds and wanted to keep a secret on a global scale what would you do? Yes, one would ensure that they (using unlimited personal wages and personal property) OWN AND TOTALLY CONTROL EVERY MICRO FIBER OF ALL MEDIA IN THE U.S. AND WORLD.. all news, all entertainment, including sports, all movie production, all of television, and even bill boards, all owned and totally controlled by these global “elites” of the private and UNCONSTITUTIONAL “FED Reserve”. Do you think it’s just a freak coincidence that anyone in the "news" media that ever mentions anything negative about the Federal Reserve, that they are immediately fired and never heard from again? THERE IS ZERO FREE PRESS IN THE U.S OR WORLD TODAY, ZERO!

b. They also own all major corporations across the U.S. and Globe, again our personal wages and personal property allowed unlimited funds to do so. Many of these corporations were bought out in ‘hostel take overs’ and those who refused were literally and corruptly forced out of business. Tupperware Corporation is a great example of this, a giant U.S. corporation that no longer exists today.

c. They have corruptly infiltrated every micro fiber of our education systems, starting in earnest over 150 years ago. They have corruptly established (unlimited funding from our personal wages) total control of all colleges and universities, all aspects of our entire education process, from pre-school all the way through Doctoral degrees. They of course own and control all the publishing houses that produce the text books, and corruptly ensure they are written and shaped to their eventual global agenda.

d. They of course own and control all corporations that deal with Medial, Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, air and water to ensure their EUGENICS objectives. They through their total control of our education systems have corruptly established idiot 'toxic reactionary/chemical medicine' (all MD Doctor prescribed medicine today), what people use to call witch doctor quack medicine, from quacks that traveled around in horse drawn wagons selling their magic potions, as our only form of “health care” today. Which of course is pure insanity, but it’s vital we understand why promoting insane deadly “meds” and their even more insane “vaccines” is a major piece in the overall scheme. It’s three fold: (1) dumbing down, medically contenting the ignorant masses with mind altering “meds”, (2) creating Medial dependency, as all “meds” and “vaccines” destroy our health, TOTALLY destroy our natural Immune System, creating a state where we will always be dependent on them as a provider of their dependency creating (NEVER CURING) “meds”, and (3) lowing the population, as currently their insane “meds” and “vaccines” kill on average in the U.S. alone over a quarter million innocent lives every year from direct adverse reactions, mistakes related to the meds and vaccines. Along with their accumulative effect this number of annual deaths just from their "Health Care" medical Eugenic efforts in U.S. is closer to 1.5 million (mostly innocent women and children) deaths of our annual 2.5 million death totals.. .

e. They of course own all Corporations that deal with Military, War, Weapons. Wars are one of their most favorite things in the world, and of course owning all the Corporations that provides the equipment and weapons for wars is a no brainer. These Global Cental (FED) Banking “elites” have created every war including the Revolutionary War the United States has been in. Wars are a major win win for these FED Central Bankers, they create massive debt, they kill off millions in the process, they divide people and destroy sovereign nations. They are all about the wars.. they love em.

f. Of course they own all major corporations, banks and institutions dealing with money, finance, insurance.. and through the rancid and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Fed reserve act’ they control all smaller banks and financial institutions, the few left that are still privately owned. Through this massive, rancid and unconstitutional control they created the Great Depression, and all recessions, we have suffered through since, including this current major one, with their insane "Bailouts" and "Quantitative Easing".. . All this is a means to create more and more MASSIVE DEBT, while destroying our nation via its economy, stripping the masses of their property and wealth.

g. They also own and totally control all corporations that deal with Utilities, Energy, Communications, etc. all to keep us in line, totally ignorant, and totally dependent on them.

HAVING TOTAL OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL via THEIR 'CORPORATISM', allows them at all times total control the ignorant masses, including controlling the size of the ignorant masses, while keeping us at all times totally in the dark, subservient and dependent on them..

NOW THE GOOD NEWS, and we must always end on the GOOD NEWS that solving this horrific situation and ending this enemy attack form within is DEAD SIMPLE, dead easy:

VIA FACE TO FACE, WORD OF MOUTH to ever living soul we know, we as a PEOPLE just simply need to wake up to this reality of what is actually happening to our Nation, our Children, and then SIMPLY STAND UP, uniting as a PEOPLE to ensure actual REPRESENTATION (something we have zero of today at all levels of gov.) to ABOLISH THEIR ‘MEANS’ here for this pure insanity, their rancid and totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL “FEDERAL RESERVE”

....and that can be accomplished in a 15 min. session in Congress, once WE THE PEOPLE have our REPRESENTATIVES in office (and of course that will NEVER, EVER HAPPEN VOTING for any R or D EVER AGAIN at any level of our government. WE MUST ONLY ELECT PEOPLE THAT ARE STANDING WITH US, not associated with any current corrupted political party.

PIECE OF TOTAL CAKE, WE JUST NEED TO SIMPLY WAKE UP, THEN SIMPLY STAND UP, a very simple majority that will easily evolve out of a pure GRASS ROOTS movement created by simple FACE TO FACE, WORD OR MOUTH spreading these two simple truths: (1) it's the FED (their MEANS), and (2) we just need to wake up and STAND to end all this and simply gain back our nation!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Before you even consider digging out your barbecue!!!!!

Never grill meat, unless you do this first...

The problem with grilled meats and HCA formation - how to counteract carcinogens and make meat healthier

by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of the best seller: The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

Most people aren't aware that when you cook meat (whether it's grilled, broiled, or seared) there are carcinogenic compounds that can form called HCA's (heterocyclic amines). Now don't ingest various carcinogens all the time, even with some vegetables. You can always protect yourself with more antioxidants.

Please Note: When you cook meat in a water base as opposed to grilling, broiling, or searing, you eliminate the HCAs. So for example, meats cooked in a soup, or meats cooked in a crock pot will not have the problem of the carcinogenic HCAs and is a healthier way to cook meat.

But let's face it... grilled meat tastes awesome and there's no way I'm giving up my grass-fed steak from the grill, or my grass-fed burgers!

That's why it's important to know that there's a way you can use spices to both counteract, and also drastically reduce the carcinogens formed when you grill meat...

If you're going to grill meats, marinating meats for hours beforehand in liquid mixtures that contain rosemary and other herbs/spices can dramatically help to reduce HCA's (heterocyclic amines), which are carcinogenic compounds that can form when meats are grilled. So using rosemary, thyme, garlic, oregano and other spices in a meat marinade before grilling meats can drastically reduce any carcinogens that normally would form on grilled meat.

The antioxidants in rosemary and thyme from a marinade were specifically cited in studies at being powerful inhibitors of HCA formation when grilling meats. But it was also noted that other spices such as garlic, oregano, and others can help to prevent HCA formation as well, so I suggest using a variety, which tastes great anyway!

One more important point about grilling meat:

Remember that the more well-done a meat is cooked, the higher concentration of carcinogenic HCA's can form, so rare, medium-rare, or medium are healthier choices than well-done. I've never understood why anybody would want to ruin a good steak by burning it to oblivion anyway. But hey, if you're one of those folks that likes your steaks well-done, just remember that you're eating a lot more carcinogens than a steak that's cooked less, so make sure to load up on your antioxidants (spices, teas, berries, etc) to help combat those extra carcinogens.

Washing down your barbequed meal with a glass of unsweetened iced tea (rich in antioxidants) and also a good salad with lots of raw veggies can provide the antioxidants needed to counteract the effect of HCAs in your body from grilled meat.

By the way, even charring vegetables on the grill creates different carcinogens such as acrylamides, so don't think that the negative effect of charring only applies to meats.

Hey, we all love a great barbeque, so no need to give that up just because of HCAs or acrylamides, but at least now you know how to counteract the effects of these in your body to protect yourself, and also how to use spices to drastically reduce the formation of HCAs on grilled meat!

Lastly, remember that you can use superfoods such as spices, herbs, fruits, veggies, and even some animal-based superfoods to fight against cancer development, reduce high blood pressure, prevent diabetes, prevent heart disease, and even BOOST your metabolism for a flatter stomach... learn them on the next page...

Go to the next page to see powerful natural remedies for:

Lowering high blood pressure
Controlling or reversing Type 2 Diabetes
Boosting your sluggish metabolism
Cutting off excess body fat
Improving your brain health and memory
Slowing down the aging of your skin, joints, and organs
Healing your digestion problems

Chris Welch is not connected with Mike Geary financially but IS AWARE that Mike is selling books.
So far i have found Mike very informative and this is how Mike makes his living.

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Greece,World Finance,Chemtrails and another "death rig "confession.

GREECE..............So it’s either pay salaries and pensions or pay the IMF which is tragically ironic because Athens has already gone the route of plundering pensions to make payments to its creditors, the only difference is that now, instead of “borrowing” money from the public coffers and hoping to pay it back in the interim before anyone actually gets shorted, you’re talking about simply not paying people at all (or paying people with IOUs which would be the hilarious rough equivalent of conducting repos with individual citizens) which needless to say could turn into an untenable social and political issue virtually overnight, not to mention the fact that if the government defaults you would almost certainly see the imposition of capital controls in order to stem the inevitable deposit flight. Athens owes nearly €2 billion in public sector wages and pensions at the end of the month.
This from Zero Hedge and more on their page
Martin Revens comments:
Doh! ALL fiat currencies are already IOUs: Federal Reserve Notes, Euros, UK Pounds... all this does is extend the debt issued by a new currency issuer.
What could ever settle the debt, fully and finally?
Martin adds
What could ever settle the debt, fully and finally?
John Exter knew. He died in 2006 aged 95. He was an American economist, member of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve System, and founder of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. He is also known for creating Exter's Pyramid.
Most people don't realise that the value of their "paper" wealth (i.e. dollars, pounds, shares, bonds, derivatives, ETFs, etc) is based only on hope and promises. The investments themselves have no material value - they are just paper with ink on them, or electronic ledger entries. You hope someone else will deliver some greater future value to you when you want it, probably in cash.
There is a hierarchy of financial instruments, a ladder from the more solid to the more speculative: as you go up the ladder, the financial strength of each rung is based on the perceived strength of the rung below.
When the most complex and most widespread investment class fails (i.e. derivatives - the red slice at the top of the picture below), all these battered investors will scramble down the ladder to lodge any surviving wealth "safely" on lower rungs (e.g the purple or light blue slices), which massively increases the demand upon these "safer", less complex investments; their price will rise sharply. Of course, if the supply of these lower-level products is overwhelmed by this desperate rush of capital, and greedy brokers take liberties along the way, these investments may well collapse in their turn and so the capital cascades down to flood the levels even further below.
The whole inverted pyramid of value in the world of money is a tottering Tower of Jenga, supported ultimately by the presence of gold. Gold has always been the ultimate basis for money ("Only gold is money,everything else is credit" - J.P Morgan) and people have always attempted to expand it, inventing fancy variations and alternatives to it and then abusing and inflating these mutant creations into oblivion along the way.
If a torrent of displaced wealth is shaken free at the higher levels, it urgently seeks to settle somewhere safer. Once the cascade begins in earnest, where do you think it is going to eventually settle, and what effect do you think this will have on the value of gold?
Physical gold carries its own material value: you don't have to trust someone else to make good on your gold, the gold IS the value, so gold is where the buck stops.

Wikipedia Entry on John Exter

In March, the Republican-led Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill sponsored by Tea Party Rep Bob Thorpe (R-Flagstaff). It passed on a 36-to-24 party line vote. The bill "prohibits this state or any of its political subdivisions from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with an executive order issued by the President of the United States that has not been affirmed by a vote of Congress and signed into law as prescribed by the US Constitution." The states are finally resisting the plethora, the spate, and onslaught of Executive Orders which resemble a dictatorship. See Washington Post article. It seems Texas and Arizona are the only states that put up any tangible resistance. Don't mess with Texas!

-- Golden Jackass: Subscription Newsletter
A USMilitary pilot has stepped forward and completely blows the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. He has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers, and thus put his life in danger. Chemtrails are being sprayed non-stop around the globe with terrible consequences to health, living creatures (including humans), and environment.

Read the whole Article
While HAARP and weather control has been called a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media and government officials, during a Senate hearing in 2014, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, dropped a bombshell in answer to a question asked by Lisa Murkowski in relation to the dismantling of the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.
Walker said this is “not an area that we have any need for in the future” and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.” Martin Revens
Read More


Some time back I put up a post on the death of Keith Green made to look accidental

This is a similar type of confession about the murder of  Marilyn Monroe.

When people are on their deathbed, they have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. One of the most awe inspiring stories from the entertainment industry is that of Marilyn Monroe and the 78 year old retired CIA officer, Norman Hodges, who made some of the most ground breaking confessions ever noted from an ex CIA officer.In amongst his many confessions, he admits to being a group member of five CIA agents, whose sole task was to carry out assassinations. He also admits one of his assassinations being none other than Glamour icon, Marilyn Monroe, who was killed not just because of her ties with John F Kennedy, but also because she slept with Fidel Castro, ultimately making her a massive national security risk.Hodges says he has no regrets.He claims he carried out 37 assassinations for the US Government between 1959 and 1972 including Marilyn Monroe.Hodges had worked for the CIA.   sourced by Mark Jones

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